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  1. Excelsior OB/Peds

    Thanks :)
  2. Excelsior OB/Peds

    I just paid for my test and purchased tbe study guides. Did you take the practice tests? I was just curious how they work? Any other advice?
  3. Tulsa Community College Bridge Program

    Hello, Does anyone have any information on the LPN-BRIDGE PROGRAM at TCC? I was just wondering what former students thought about the program.
  4. Health Care Reform of 2010 and CRNAs

    Hello, Can anyone give me some specific examples of ways that the Healthcare Reform of 2010 will effect my job as a CRNA? I keep hearing people say that is is a very bad bill, but nobody can give me specifics as to why it is bad for the medical profe...
  5. Needs CNA Experience

    Does anyone know a nursing home or temp agency that will hire a brand new CNA without any hospital or health care experience?
  6. Tulsa Community vs. Tulsa Tech?

    I am reading that everyone keeps inferring that there is a long waiting list at TTC, but this was my first semester applying and I got right in. I have found that as long as you have high grades and application points, the waiting list isn't even a f...
  7. Question about nursing pre-reqs for TCC

    well, it is my understanding that is you take your cna at tcc, then it really doesn't matter when you take it as long as you have it before you submit your application. it is not a hard course, but it is really time consuming. you will have clinicals...
  8. Tulsa Tech LPN Program

    I was told that if you do the Bridge Program, you do not have to work a year before starting the RN program at TCC.
  9. TCC Part-Time or Bridge Program?

    I applied for the Spring start of TCC's RN program, but I was 5 points under the cut off. I still have to take physiology and microbiology. I just found out that I was accepted into TTC's LPN program. Now, I have to decide if I want to go through the...