Health Care Reform of 2010 and CRNAs

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Can anyone give me some specific examples of ways that the Healthcare Reform of 2010 will effect my job as a CRNA? I keep hearing people say that is is a very bad bill, but nobody can give me specifics as to why it is bad for the medical profession. Also, If anyone knows of any resources or sites to check out regarding the issue, that would be very helpful. Thanks :confused:



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I actually like that someone is finally doing SOMETHING to reform healthcare. Right or wrong, I think everyone can agree that our system is broken. Baby steps to getting it back on track is the key to this new reform law. Check out this link,


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see thread: passed 3/23/2010: hr 3590 patient protection+ affordable care act

sections of bill affecting crna's include:

linking payment to quality outcomes under the medicare program - (sec. 3001) amends ssa title xviii (medicare) to direct the secretary to establish a hospital value-based purchasing program under which value-based incentive payments are made in a fiscal year to hospitals that meet specified performance standards for a certain performance period.

(sec. 3007) directs the secretary to establish a value-based payment modifier, under the physician fee schedule, based upon the quality of care furnished compared to cost.