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  1. bp2244

    Beth Israel Nursing School NYC

    Honeycutts - that is so wonderful. I am sitting here smiling as I type this. Congrats. Perserverance works. I am so happy for you. So, tripleA and I met at orientation and I was wondering who else I need to meet. I am in the 3-yr program, so I know I may have met some of you already. Maybe we'll have a chance at A&P class on Monday.
  2. bp2244

    Beth Israel Nursing School NYC

    Liz, I did hear from my advisor. How's everyone doing? Is everyone planning to go to the bbq?
  3. bp2244

    Beth Israel Nursing School NYC

    Hi all, I have been in Florida for a couple weeks. I needed that last bit of rest and relaxation before going back to hitting the books. It's so exciting to be preparing for everything. Did everyone register for their classes? So exciting. Honeycutts - I know you'll get in. Do you know which program you are on the waiting list for? So cool you live so close to me. Anyway, who's doing the 3-yr again? -Becky P-