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  1. I will be pursuing my MSN-NP in Psych/Mental health and Adult. :)
  2. Grif_Psyc

    Nurse Indicted in Toms River Man's Death

    I find this whole thing ridiculous. Okay, even if the other nurse saw Lorie give the injection, how should she know what it was? Standing over a previously-dying (now dead) terminal patient is not illegal, nor is giving a shot of morphine. Frankly, unless they have toxicology reports and have ruled out the other nurse, this is a horrible injustice to all involved. Cases like this are exactly why grand juries were outlawed in England in 1933. They are basically unheard of outside the US, because it's an easy way to rail-road someone. If the DA can't muster up enough legal evidence to try the case as-is, it should be over. No multiple grand juries to see whether someone even could be guilty.
  3. Grif_Psyc

    What will YOU do with your first "real" paycheck!?

    Well, first I'd like some of those fancy men's nurse shoes that have lifts. I wanna be 5'10" darn it! And some really nice fabric for scrubs (the really soft stuff) -- even though it will probably get puked on sooner or later haha. Then, send some to my favorite charities and pay some bills. I can hardly wait.
  4. Grif_Psyc

    nursing is a profession:"I'm just a nurse"

    I decided to go into nursing for the benefit of my future patients (plus personal interest). At the end of the day, I don't particularly care how much I make as long as I can survive. The knowledge that I am doing something that I want to do, that also helps others, is enough to sustain me in my endeavors.