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Post-BA, figuring out which avenue to go

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Hi all! I'm a current psychology student who will be graduating in the next year. My ultimate goal is to be a psychologist and a nurse practitioner. :redpinkhe

So I'm weighing my options for nursing school as well as graduate psychology. Direct-entry MSN sounds excellent (especially Drexel's programs), but I don't know the ins-and-outs of applying for a program. BSN to MSN is another attractive option, although it could effectively double my time in nursing school (from 3 to 6yrs).

Another option is to complete my Master's in psychology and then apply to a nursing program.

When I graduate, my cumu. GPA will be 3.5 or so, and my major-GPA will be 3.75-4.0. My hard-science GPA doesn't exist, because I've actually tested out of those courses -- so those grades are "Pass" instead of the Bs they probably would be. Most of my basic course have been challenged via exam, since I'd already learned the material. I've previously completed a (non-accredited) 1yr PhT/pre-pharm program with a 3.0. Not my best work, but I was under a lot of job stress at the time. This go-round I would be a full-time student with maaaybe a minor part-time job (if any). :spin:

I plan on taking at least one graduate course prior to graduating, to make me a more attractive candidate. I take the GRE this fall, so the jury's still out on my scores.

Other than that, what would be some ways I could increase my chances of getting into a direct-entry MSN program? I'm also open to any suggestions for programs and which route to take.



PS: I'm totally looking forward to getting a few months off after graduating!! :tbsk:

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