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  1. I can definitely relate! I took the Red Cross CNA course before I started nursing school and it took me about 3 months before I got a job. I started at a nursing home and was there for 7 months before I finally landed a job at a hospital. If you have the time get certified. It will open up opportunities in home health and LTC. Also, don't be afraid to ask clinical instructors or nurses on the floor if they know of any positions. A few of my classmates got jobs this way. Good luck!
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    Anyone starting Regis College, MA this fall 2011

    Just about all the apartments in the area turn over Sept 1st, so there may not be a lot posted yet. I've found the majority of my apartments on craigslist. There's probably more postings looking for roommates than for empty apartments on there for the area. I did my undergrad in Waltham and my college has online classified ads as well which might be helpful http://my.brandeis.edu/classifieds/ Just register for the site and you should be able to view the ads. Or you could just always just pick a random realtor and give them a call Molly
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    Anyone starting Regis College, MA this fall 2011

    Congratulations on your acceptance! I'm Molly, I'm in my second year of the program with Jen. For those of you that are coming from out of state I highly recommend having a car. Chances are you will be assigned to clinical sites that won't be accessible by the T or very challenging to get to at 6:30 am. The T is great when you have clinicals in Boston, as there won't be parking. I only had two clinicals in Boston, most of them have been out in the suburbs. The shuttle is also very limited, especially in the summer. As far as housing goes I recommend looking at Waltham. It borders right on Weston and the rent is a lot cheaper than living in Boston. There's some public transportation (bus lines and commuter rail) and having a car there is pretty easy. Newton has some affordable apartments, but it's generally expensive. Finding an apartment in the suburbs will be a lot easier than finding one in the city. Molly