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  1. Yllomia

    CNA training in Boston

    I did the CNA program at the Red Cross in Cambridge in 2009. It was excellent and I highly recommend it. If anything, it will help decide if nursing is something you really want to pursue and you will be a little bit ahead of your classmates when you start your first nursing school clinical. Good luck!
  2. Yllomia

    help for a new grad!! Please & Thanks!

    The Kindreds in Wareham and Dennis are both very similar facilities. They both have sub acute units and hire new grad ADNs. Even if you get hired on an LTC unit you can easily switch to sub-acute after a few months. The sub acute/rehab units are very heavy. I started on a dementia unit as a new grad in Wareham. I had a surprisingly good experience and found there was a lot of support. I made the transition to acute care by moving out of state.
  3. Yllomia

    New RN grad moving to Boston area

    Newton is a very nice city to live in. It's very surban and family oriented. I lived there for a year while I was in school. Surprisingly the costs of renting is a little bit less than in Boston proper, especially West Newton. Buying a place is another story. The job market is challenging, but as long as your not picky and willing to commute you can probably find something. I started out in LTC and then moved out of state for a hospital job. I reccomend to start working on your BSN. It will help open up more doors for you and might be a good way to network in Boston. Good luck with everything!
  4. I'm from Mass. I graduated last year and landed a job right away in a nursing home. I kept on applying for jobs in hospitals and was offered one six months later in Vermont. I worked as a CNA/PCT for two years in LTC and at a large hospital in Boston. I have a BSN and a BS in biology. The job market in Mass is horrible, for both new grads and experienced nurses. Vermont on the other hand, has a great need for nurses. It's still competitive to get a job as a new grad, but once your foot is in the door you can move about to any specialty you desire.
  5. Yllomia


    Lawrence Memorial students do take basic science and liberal arts classes at Regis. I think it would only help you to take more classes at community college, it shows you can handle college classes. I didn't take any of the prereqs at Regis, my program worked a bit differently. However two of my classes were taught by biology faculty and I thought the both were very good. There are opportunities for tutoring, from both grad students and extra help from the professors themselves. The two science professors I had were very supportive. One of them, I think, is the best instructor at Regis. Regis is a very small school, which makes it difficult to fall through the cracks. Some of the negative things you'll hear about Regis is about the nursing faculty. I feel this a problem at just about every nursing school, as it is a poorly paid discipline. I have had some truly excellent instructors, and some not so good. One of the best professors I've ever had now teaches at Lawrence Memorial.
  6. Yllomia


    Hi I graduated last year from the accelerated BSN program at Regis. Regis doesn't officially accept any of the traditional undergrads into the nursing major until the end of their sophmore year. The policy is that you have to complete one semester at Regis before you can apply. So it's definitely possible to transfer. Regis College Transfer Students: Nursing Transfer Policy & Information The down side to this is that you may end up enrolling at Regis and not get admitted into the nursing program. From what I understand it isn't very competitive to get into the nursing program. Keeping your grades up once you're in it is the hard part. Regis does have a strong agreement with Lawrence Memorial and admits a large percentage of grads into the RN-BSN-MSN program. Both are great options, it really depends on if you want the traditional college undergrad experience or a school more geared towards working adults.
  7. I can definitely relate! I took the Red Cross CNA course before I started nursing school and it took me about 3 months before I got a job. I started at a nursing home and was there for 7 months before I finally landed a job at a hospital. If you have the time get certified. It will open up opportunities in home health and LTC. Also, don't be afraid to ask clinical instructors or nurses on the floor if they know of any positions. A few of my classmates got jobs this way. Good luck!
  8. Yllomia

    Regis College Incoming Students for Fall 2009!

    I would love to meet up with people. The 28th works for me! Have you posted to the facebook group? More people might see that.
  9. Yllomia

    Regis College Incoming Students for Fall 2009!

    Thanks guys! That's very helpful.
  10. Yllomia

    Regis College Incoming Students for Fall 2009!

    Hi everyone! I'll be joining you all in the fall at Regis and am very excited to start nursing school! I'll be taking Ethics starting this May as well. Is anyone else taking the day class? I'll be in group 1A in September, so it looks like I'll be in class with a few of you. Where are people getting their CPR certification? I live in the Boston area and have no clue where to start looking!

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