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  1. Yllomia

    US RN Looking to Work in UK...With a Twist?

    Continental works very similarly to US travel agencies. They'll help you with the process of applying for a UK license and sponsor your visa ( I believe that they will pay half the fees for the visa). They help with housing as well, although you do...
  2. Yllomia

    Which NYC hospitals are on EPIC?

    The former Continuum hospitals will all be moving over to Epic, as they're now part of Mt Sinai
  3. Yllomia

    Moving to Boston (MGH) - questions about in state licensing

    There's no need to fly out to Mass just to take the exam. You can take the NCLEX at a testing center in another state and still be able to apply for initial licensure in Massachusetts. Your school will just have to sign off on the Mass paper work an...
  4. The Cape might be your best bet. Falmouth and Cape Cod hospitals seem to always have openings for experienced nurses, especially in med-surg and home health. It seems the closer to Boston, the more competitive it is. I work in Vermont and there's ...
  5. Yllomia

    CNA training in Boston

    I did the CNA program at the Red Cross in Cambridge in 2009. It was excellent and I highly recommend it. If anything, it will help decide if nursing is something you really want to pursue and you will be a little bit ahead of your classmates when y...
  6. Yllomia

    APRN School online

    To me, this sounds like the APRN that precepts you for clinical must have Vermont licensure, if you're doing your clinicals in VT. Most programs will consider your preceptor clinical faculty, and in a lot of cases you will have to find your own prec...
  7. Yllomia

    Good Cities / States to Find First RN Job

    I'm from the Boston area and moved to Burlington, VT for my first acute care job. Burlington is a really fun college town with lots to do, but you have to be okay with long winters and cold weather. It's 3 1/2 hours to Boston and less than 2 hrs to...
  8. Yllomia

    help for a new grad!! Please & Thanks!

    The Kindreds in Wareham and Dennis are both very similar facilities. They both have sub acute units and hire new grad ADNs. Even if you get hired on an LTC unit you can easily switch to sub-acute after a few months. The sub acute/rehab units are v...
  9. Yllomia

    How is the job market for nursing where you live?

    I'm from Mass. I graduated last year and landed a job right away in a nursing home. I kept on applying for jobs in hospitals and was offered one six months later in Vermont. I worked as a CNA/PCT for two years in LTC and at a large hospital in Bos...
  10. Yllomia


    Lawrence Memorial students do take basic science and liberal arts classes at Regis. I think it would only help you to take more classes at community college, it shows you can handle college classes. I didn't take any of the prereqs at Regis, my pro...
  11. Yllomia


    Hi I graduated last year from the accelerated BSN program at Regis. Regis doesn't officially accept any of the traditional undergrads into the nursing major until the end of their sophmore year. The policy is that you have to complete one semest...
  12. Yllomia

    New Grad program at FAHC

    I actually just started there as a new grad after working in a nursing home for six months. It is very new grad friendly. Depending on what floor you work on you go through a critical care internship, which includes lectures, simulations, an online...
  13. Yllomia

    for those in LTC..what songs do your residents like?

    Ain't She Sweet Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue Take Me Out To the Ballgame You Are My Sunshine I second anything Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, or Dean Martin. One facility I used to work at used to have a song book with lyrics to a lot of the residents' f...
  14. I can definitely relate! I took the Red Cross CNA course before I started nursing school and it took me about 3 months before I got a job. I started at a nursing home and was there for 7 months before I finally landed a job at a hospital. If you ...
  15. Yllomia

    Regis College Incoming Students for Fall 2009!

    I would love to meet up with people. The 28th works for me! Have you posted to the facebook group? More people might see that.