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    In desperate in of some pointers!

    I used flashcards to study for all my exams in nursing school! Dont know where I would be without them!
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    Best ADN programs in the Bay Area/Northern CA??

    San Joaquin Delta Community College in Stockton is based on grades. Should be easy to get into if you have good grades. No wait list or lottery.
  3. emeraldprncss01

    Confidence to Retake

    Im in the same boat! I took the nclex and failed at 265 questions then quickly got back on the horse and studied the saunders book every day from cover to cover... then I took the test again thinking I will do better because I prepared this time ...lo and behold... the test went to 265 again!! Im still waiting for my results. If I fail again... I dont know what else to do
  4. emeraldprncss01

    Seriously needing a confidence booster?!?!

    I totally feel the same way you do! I took the kaplan course and did the questions in the qbank and ended up getting 265 on the NCLEX and failed. I went home and read the entire Saunders book and re took NCLEX thinking I should do better since I have studied the content. Lo and behold... I was there till 265 again!!
  5. emeraldprncss01

    please help how to use kaplan Q bank

    I answered 100 questions each day then went back and reviewed the rationales for all the questions. Even the ones I got right.
  6. emeraldprncss01

    265 questions AGAIN!!

    I took the NCLEX on February 23, 09 and failed with 265 questions. I figured I didnt study enough so I quickly jumped back on the horse and read the entire saunders and hurst review books thinking this should do it! I did all the post chapter exams and scored in the 70's. HA!! I took the test again yesterday feeling more confident with the books I have read but low and behold... I was there till the end again 265 questions!! I feel so disappointed with myself. Everyone else from my class passed at 75 questions on their first try... its really frustrating. :angryfire Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do differently to study if I failed again? The wait is killing me! Its unbearable!! Maybe I should go do something rather then stock the BRN website LOL

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