265 questions AGAIN!!


I took the NCLEX on February 23, 09 and failed with 265 questions. I figured I didnt study enough so I quickly jumped back on the horse and read the entire saunders and hurst review books thinking this should do it! I did all the post chapter exams and scored in the 70's. HA!! I took the test again yesterday feeling more confident with the books I have read but low and behold... I was there till the end again 265 questions!! I feel so disappointed with myself. Everyone else from my class passed at 75 questions on their first try... its really frustrating. :angryfire Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do differently to study if I failed again? :o

The wait is killing me! Its unbearable!! Maybe I should go do something rather then stock the BRN website LOL


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Wait for your results before you get upset. If you didn't pass, maybe you should look at the way you prepared. There is a difference between simply reading text and actually studying. Perhaps you weren't thorough enough. Answer questions and study the rationales. Wishing you good luck.

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I failed first time with 265 and took same or near on 3rd attempt and passed. As suggested wait for your results before you start thinking the worst. Good luck

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