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  1. Lifeswar

    Tips to pass Florida CNA

    I actually just passed my CNA today ;p. Soo happy and relived, it's unbelievable. I had Denture care, urinary bag measurement and a transfer. The denture care one was probably the only one out of the 20 skills that yeah I didn't feel at all comfortable with. You're going to get one measurement skill, one movement skill and one skill involving water, no matter what. From what I saw today everyone got 1 hard skill and two easy ones. It was a lot easier than what I thought it was going to be. Just take your time, slow your brain down, and just do what feels natural, common sense stuff and you should do fine. Remember not to rush, take your time and think about what you're doing. If you feel like your freezing up and your mind goes blank just close your eyes and take a few breaths, you have plenty of time to do everything.
  2. School is starting soon and I need to buy a pair of white shoes. I was just wonder what a good comfortable,durable brand would be? Thanks!
  3. Lifeswar

    CNA training?

    Although I've been browsing this site for awhile, I haven't become a member until now. I'm taking class towards my RN degree at the moment. Anyway, I recently just got laid off from my pharmacy tech job. Since I'm going to be going into nursing anyway, I figured I'd get my feet wet a little and try to do CNA work for a while. It seems that I'm having trouble finding a program. I contacted Redcross who had a month long program, which was absolutely perfect, until I called and there was a waiting list. There is only one person ahead of me on the list, but I have to get a job in a limited amount of time (perferrably before my severence checks stop coming in). They also have no more classes scheduled as of yet. There are a couple of training places that are a couple days long, but I'm a bit worried about that. I've never done any kind of work close to this before. Will I be ready for it after only a couple days? I think not. I also can't go into a program that's more than a month due to my time restraints. Does anyone know of any programs, or workplaces that have CNA training in the Tampa Bay area (Florida)?