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Class starts June 4th, Shoe question?

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School is starting soon and I need to buy a pair of white shoes. I was just wonder what a good comfortable,durable brand would be?



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Really it's just a matter of trial and error. what works for one person might not work for another.

Ideally get something COMFORTABLE or else your heels will hurt, your legs, knees, back.

I got my last 2 pairs at Walmart for like $30 or so, has gel insoles and is pretty comfy.

Finding the perfect shoe is an ongoing quest

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I ordered my shoes online from a company called Shoes for Crews. They have a special sole that makes them super non-slip and they are very comfy. I tell everyone about them.

Their website is http://www.shoesforcrews.com

I bought the "Candy" style and they were around $40-$50. They have a decent selection.

My husband works as a printer and is around a lot of chemicals that eat through his shoes. He's also on his feet a lot. These are the only brand he buys for work and he MADE me buy these shoes when I started my CNA class. They are great.



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It really is trial and error. I have some Nike Shox that are really comfy, but I also have some no-name brand running shoes that are almost as comfortable as well. A lot of people like Crocs or Clogs, but I personally cannot stand them.

The most comfortable shoes that I have ever worn without a doubt are Birkenstocks!!!! Yes they cost alot but I have one pair thats lasted me three years, still look almost new, and are the most comfortable pair of shoes in my closet! I wear them after a long day in another pair of shoes just to make my feet feel better. Second best are my Adidas. But for each person its different. Birkenstocks make great white clogs that after I finish Med Assistant are going to be my first big purchase. Well after the dog my children want, lol.

I don't know if New Balance makes a white shoe, but I'm going to see if they do because I've had a pair of their trail runners and have worn them for 2 years and they're the most comfortable pair of tennies I've ever had. With a pair of squishy, fancy insoles (don't skimp, they're important), they're great.

I too need to get to buyin some white shoes for class. :) I would love to get some white shox, I just love those, the last pair of shox I had were super comfy and I really love how they look too. But, after paying my tuition and books, I think shox will have to wait lol. I have a blue and grey pair of Nike Musique shoes with a set of arch inserts that I absolutely love and are super comfy, so Im thinking of getting the white ones for class.

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I use running sneakers. I have a pair I found at Target for $30 and they are great. I tried the Dansko and Clogs but can't stand them. Just try an inexpensive pair of sneakers first and see how you do with those. I know when I first started I had shoes that would hurt my feet and switching over to running sneaks made a big difference for me. :rckn:

Also, don't forget to buy a good pair of socks. And carry a spare set in your bag. I have learned just from different jobs over the years where I had to stand on my feet, that if your feet are killing you, changing socks every few hours can help. It won't cure the problem, but it will help take the edge off the pain.

Some socks with really thick, cushioned soles. Walmart also has "diabetic socks", which are really thick and luxurious, and loose at the top. Legs not being strangled while you're on your feet = good.

I agree with the person who said New Balance. I love them, and have a pair for my current job which has me on my feet all day. I don't know if they make an all white, but I'm sure they do. I'm not yet a nurse, but my dad is an RN and stands by them too.:heartbeat

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