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    New LVN grad... can't get hired!

    I just graduated as an LVN and am IV and blood withdrawal certified and have had my license for a couple months now. I've put out tons of applications and haven't gotten any phone calls at all! I've even tried applying at SNF's to no avail. I am in the Fresno/central valley area. Does anyone have any advice for me? How can we get experience if nobody will hire new grads?
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    RN in Fresno.. which hospital has best salary?

    I hear that the community hospitals (Fresno, Clovis, UMC, CRMC) do not treat their employees well at all and the pay is not that great. I would try St. Agnes or Kaiser, they seem to be the most sought after hospitals in the area.
  3. I just graduated LVN school and I took the NCLEX. I received a notice from the board stating that they need me to provide a certified copy of my arrest record within 30 days. I called the PD from my arrest (5 years ago) and they absolutely will not give me a copy of it unless I have a judge subpoena it. I called my local court and they said they don't do that and told me I should seek legal advice. HELP!!! How do I do this? I'm so scared and frustrated!!!
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    Need certified arrest report and PD won't give it to me!!!

    Thanks for the advice. I ended up calling the BVNPT and speaking to the man who sent me the letter. I told him the situation and he said he would call the PD and order the arrest record himself and it shouldn't be a problem. Thank God! I was thinking I'd need to hire a nurse attorney. Whew!