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I just graduated as an LVN and am IV and blood withdrawal certified and have had my license for a couple months now. I've put out tons of applications and haven't gotten any phone calls at all! I've even tried applying at SNF's to no avail. I am in the Fresno/central valley area. Does anyone have any advice for me? How can we get experience if nobody will hire new grads?


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Have you applied to any VA hospitals? I heard that one in Palo Alto was hiring.


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Same problem here except I find the problem isn't even that they require experience as I've asked if they hire new grads and they say they do. Problem is, no one is hiring. I was hoping a couple of classmates could get me into their facilities (they are currently working as CNAs) but even they can't get hired because there are no open positions where they are at. I wish I had some advice but I'm in the same position.


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Same here too.

There are some classmates who has a mother working as a nurse and had a connection in the LTC and they started working as a new grads before getting their license.

Some were working as CNA and got hired as LVN in the same facility.

I think I should get a CNA certificate to work in LTC to look for a position as LVN, but I don't know how long I have to work as CNA. I really want to start working as LVN.

Everytime I check new job openings on the internet, I got depressed because there is no job opening for new grads. Some facilities even mention like "No New Grads Please!!"...

My friend who works at LTC told me that most LTC do not put ad on the internet. So, maybe you can call each facility for any opennings.


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Congrats on your accomplishment of becoming a nurse. :yeah: I graduated LVN school in December 2007 and took my boards spring 2008 and passed. It was difficult for me to locate a job as well. I had to start in home health which was not my first choice for a job. Today, with a year of experience under my belt, I still cant' find a job in a hospital. This is because they require certain experience and I can't get it if no one will give me the opportunity. Last night, I applied for a job on line for wound care, since I have some experience with it in my job in home health. I am hoping that this experience will be enough. I understand your frustration. But, don't give up. I posted my resume at and for jobs and received a few calls within 24 hours. Only one call was medically related and received one email for a nursing job :nurse:. The others were from banks asking me if I wanted to change careers, but I declined. Also, I started doing some calls to assisted living and SNF in my area to ask if were hiring LVN's. I was able to mail a few resumes out that way. Keep applying you never know what could come up. Best of luck to you!!!! :wink2:


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I also have been looking since I graduated in March 2008 . My school's job placement assistance program is no help at all! :scrying:


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are you working as an LVN now?

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