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    UACCB- Batesville Gen RN Program

    Thinking of applying for this program....what was your experience?
  2. swatwife4051

    LPN to RN at UACCB Online

    I'm considering UACCB online Lpn to RN Is this a good program?
  3. swatwife4051

    Care Plan for Adult Failure to Thrive

    Desperately needing help with a Care Plan...anybody willing to help or know resources would be greatly appreciated. My ND is Adult Failure to Thrive...Having Trouble with teaching part. Thank you!
  4. swatwife4051

    Teas Test Score

    i am just courious if anyone knows anything about the teas test scores...i took it saturday and made an 81.2% on it.. the minimum needed to be considered for the program is 75%....anybody with any input on whether this is a good score or not is greatly appreciated!
  5. swatwife4051

    Teas Test Score

    I ranked 75 nationally and 92 in my program..so hopefully i will get in..think good thoughts for me..thanks for the reply