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  1. Hope.A

    Am I cut out for the ED?

    Thanks! Unfortunately I only had ONE DAY in the ED during my clinicals last semester. I loved it but I wasn't oriented, not enough time -- did get to start two IVs though =). This semester we're in the ICU and Pediatrics, so I'm not sure if I'll get to step foot back in the ED. But, over the summer during my little mini-internship before graduation, I'm going to try to get assigned to the ED to see if it's right for me. I guess I still have some time to think... what I don't want to do is go for it just for the "prestige" of being able to say I'm an ER nurse. It puts too much emphasis on what other people think and not what I will love.
  2. Hope.A

    Am I cut out for the ED?

    Or am I just trying to prove to myself I could do it? I've got 6 months til graduation, getting my BSN from TCU. I decided to go to nursing school after already getting a bachelor's from UVA because I'd been working for a nonprofit medical society for Emergency Docs (administrative stuff). I guess on some level --and because the docs are the ones that inspired me to go to nursing school--I was hoping I would be cut out for the ED. I always want to be the best at what I do. And from what I can tell (or have been told), ER nurses really are the best. You have to get your skills down and be efficient at them. There isn't time to waste. When I share this with anyone "well, I'm thinking I might want to work in the emergency department"-- they say: oh, are you an adrenaline junkie? But if I'm being honest, the answer is NO. But, just because I don't love stress and thrive on pressure doesn't mean I couldn't be good at it, right? I have learned things about myself in school that I didn't realize before, namely that I have the ability to stay calm under pressure. I don't "freak out." I hate drama and am quick to offer my help. I want to be part of a team, not "the nurses versus the docs" as it seems on the floor. I also have no illusions that I'm a genius or have it all figured out. I'm humble and I will learn from others whether they're the head of the department or the tech. That's probably my main reason for wanting to be in the ER in the first place -- I want to learn as much as possible and make the most difference I possibly can. Still, I can't help but linger on what my clinical instructor said to me when I told her I was thinking about emergency nursing. She said "oh, I don't think I see you there." But just because I'm not the stereotypical hardass (no offense intended!) emergency nurse doesn't mean I couldn't be great at it, right? I could go on, but I think you get the idea. Will I love it and thrive, or hate it? All opinions welcome.
  3. Hope.A

    Format for handwritten lab values

    There's also a free iPhone app that uses this, in case anyone is interested. It's called "MedLab Tutor" and it's from Georgia Health Sciences University. You can find it pretty easily in the app store, or go to http://www.georgiahealth.edu/mobile/medlab. (and no, I don't work for them or anything, I just use this app as a nursing student and it's been helpful to me!). Hope this helps somebody else!
  4. Hope.A

    Accelerated BSN TCU Summer 2011

    Everyone's should be VERY similar to this, except the Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays will all be switched around depending on your group. Tuesdays and thursdays, everyone has Pharm, except some will have both lec. and lab on Tuesday, while some people will have lecture tuesday, lab thursday. Here's my schedule: Monday - clinical (they said approx 6:30am - 2:30pm) Tues - Pharmacotherapeutics: 8am - 4pm Wednesday - Discipline & Practice I: 8am - 6pm (ten hours!!!) Thursday - off Friday - Reflective Practice 8:30am - 4pm Hope this helps. I know I was relieved to finally know what is going on. By thursday I'm going to be exhausted but am glad to have one day per week without the long drive. PS this is our 10-week schedule which starts on Tuesday, May 31st, and ends on August 5th.
  5. Hope.A

    Accelerated BSN TCU Summer 2011

    Oh! good call, maybe they are being sent in alphabetical order -- my last name starts with A, (I was that first person on the list who got dropped off at the orientation), lol. I got my permission codes late yesterday afternoon, so I'm sure she's still working on sending them now. I live in Euless @ hwy 183 & 360 and would totally host study groups at my house if there are people nearby!
  6. Hope.A

    Accelerated BSN TCU Summer 2011

    @dedAKAted : I am so slow to respond! I guess I should follow this thread and keep up. Thanks! Anybody else get super stressed out by that orientation last monday?? I am so relieved that they finally sent the permission codes for the summer. Anybody in the blue group from orientation -- I guess I'll see ya on Monday!
  7. Hope.A

    Accelerated BSN TCU Summer 2011

    Wow I am really slow to join this thread but I'm also going to be starting the TCU Accel. BSN program this year! Just a few more weeks to go, eek! I am kinda curious to see how many of us have kiddos -- I just had a baby (my first) in February, so I'm diving into nursing school and motherhood all at once! I thinkkkk the financial aid stuff is going to all come through (some of the loans are still awaiting confirmation or approval or whatever)... are you guys sitting on the edge of your seats just praying that it all comes together?
  8. Hope.A

    Pre-Nursing student going overboard

    It doesn't sound like you're doing anything wrong -- actually it sounds like you're doing the right thing by figuring out all of the application requirements in advance instead of waiting until the last second. Like you, I noticed that all the schools I wanted to apply to had different requirements, different tests, and even different prerequisites. Some have prereqs that you HAVE to take at their college, etc. etc. It gets a little ridiculous. Pick your first choice or two and really make sure you have everything set to go with those. Don't overdo, or you might end up with several mediocre apps. Also, I took the HESI and got a 94. I tried to do some studying and even bought the Barron's Guide to nursing entrance exams, but it was NOTHING like the HESI. Know your basic math, practice reading comprehension, and review your A&P, especially if it's been a little while since you've taken them. If you have a handle on your basic skills you should really be fine. There is also a personality part to this test which shows your school what kind of learner & worker you are.
  9. Hope.A

    TCU Accelerated BSN 2010

    So far this is the first post I can find about applying for the TCU Accelerated BSN track, 2011!! I'm excited to say I'm applying too! Taking Micro at the moment and it's my very last prerequisite. Would love to hear from anybody else who is applying and maybe we can cross our fingers together! Does anybody know anything about the schedule of dates for the program? I can't find anything on TCU's website, and from what I remember from the info session I went to (last fall), they said the date is contingent upon people finishing up their spring courses. For example, Tarrant County College won't finish spring finals until May 12th/13th, so the following monday the 16th would likely be the first possible date to begin the TCU courses. Do they usually start this early or has it typically started more toward the end of May? Anyone with more info on this would really be helping me out!! Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi Everybody, I'm looking for some affirmation about the "environment" of being a nurse. I've always been a very low-drama, easy-going, easy to get along with person, and the more I read and hear about the nursing profession, I'm afraid there is just a huge amount of drama and catty-ness happening in the workplace. Don't get me wrong, I can handle a high-stress environment when needed, but I also feel like your coworkers should be there to support you and run the race alongside you. I have always thought of nurses as being the sweetest, kindest individuals, but from the stories I am hearing (mostly on this site!), I'm starting to wonder if they're not just as often the mean, dramatic, back-stabbing coworkers that ruin your day and make you hate your job. I hope I'm not overreacting here. Could somebody tell some good stories about your job? I'm only in my prerequisite nursing classes, applying this fall and winter for programs that begin next year. I don't want to continue down this path if I'm only going to realize that my preconceptions about nursing are all wrong and that I'm going to hate my future career. I want to help people and make a difference (however small) in their lives, not worry about what so-and-so is saying behind my back or whether whats-her-name is going to yell at me for something insignificant. So bring on the stories that will hopefully re-affirm my new career choice as a nurse! Do you love it or hate it? Are you glad you chose nursing? Be honest.
  11. Hope.A

    So many obstacles..

    Hey Nia! I know how it can feel like there's no way you'll be able to finish (and sometimes it seems hard to even start!), but if nursing is what you want to do, you shouldn't let anything get in your way. When I decided I wanted to go back to school, I wondered if I should put it off (til there was more money, less to do, etc) and I just figured - life can only get crazier from here! Besides, You're about to have a wonderful husband to help support you, right? You'll be one giant leap ahead of the single moms out there who are trying to go back to school. So I guess I'm saying, don't focus on the obstacles, just focus on your goals and decide "I'm going to do what it takes to get there" - if you have to work part time, be a mom full time, and be a student part time, then you can make it happen, even though it sounds impossible. Something that helped me was thinking about a few years down the road... am I going to be proud of what I did, or am I going to be wishing I had jumped in and gone for it? I'd rather be looking back thinking - "wow that was hard but I'm so glad I went for it!"
  12. Hope.A

    I'm working on my pre-reqs for Nursing

    Kyla, just wanted to reply to you really quick - I know what you mean - I think we were more freaked out by how MANY people in our classes are going into nursing. The first girl I was talking to, who said she was doing nursing - I thought, awesome! somebody in class who's doing what I am... and then I met another... and another... and another! Then they started talking about their reasons for going into nursing (one girl was like - "I'm just trying to get out of my current job!"), and bragging about their grades.... it was just too much. I too wish I could have a group of ladies (or guys!) in class to have something in common with when it comes to nursing, but when it comes down to it, a lot of people just aren't going to be that nice and supportive about it. I think that's what got me scared.
  13. Hope.A

    Taking My Own Advice

    Aw, if you lived nearby you could have some of my stuff... I've been collecting a few things for yard sale myself... waffle iron... sports stuff... Do you have a church that you go to? many churches have "needs boards" where you can post immediate needs (like, free moving services to keep the cost of moving down, or straight up help for buying textbooks for school!). Lots of people would be happy to contribute to such a good cause.
  14. Hope.A

    I'm working on my pre-reqs for Nursing

    Yeah! Go Mimi and Krystin! It's like I want to say "good luck to everyone (but not if you're applying to the same schools I am!)"... which is a bad attitude to have... But yeah, it irritates me like none other when people say things about how they want to be a nurse so their job is "secure," or "pays well." I will be praying that the people we end up working with are nurses because they truly want to help and care for people... one can only hope.
  15. Hope.A

    I'm working on my pre-reqs for Nursing

    I just signed into AllNurses JUST so I could post this exact same message! And you said it better than I would have! I just decided to go back to school for nursing a few months ago (after already getting a bachelor's in something else)... and the first FOUR people I met at my first class yesterday were there to do prereqs for nursing!! This one chick was all "Yeah, I already finished my A&P, Biology, and got A's in all of them..." And now, this is my first prerequisite, so I'm not there yet, and I'm already freaked! I've always been an A student, but I didn't think I'd be competing against so many other people, just for a spot in a nursing program! What do people do when they don't get into a program? I don't want to stay at the community college forever.... Surely some of these people aren't as serious about nursing as I am.... right:eek:? I feel like a lot of people are flooding the schools because they just want a good paying job. I already have a good job, but I feel called to the field of nursing, like it finally *clicked* in my brain and I know that's what I need to do. That's gotta count for something!