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  1. phillipsrn

    Writing to the congressmen

    Politics! Politics! Politics in healthcare! I am writing to congressman of all the things that is important topics in health care that are not being addressess in politics and the press. So my fellow nurses do you have anything you would likes to add that need to be address to the congressmen and the press? Also if you were write a national healthcare policy, what would it include.
  2. phillipsrn

    Nursing in politics

    Hello, I'm currently a RN-BSN student and I am doing questionnaire about nursing in politics. Please response to these questions that will help me with my research. Thanks. 1. Which is important topics in health care are not being addressess in politics and the press? 2. If you were to write a national healthcare policy, what would it include?
  3. phillipsrn

    Who controls nursing?

    Who controls nursing? Is it the administrator or the nurses.
  4. A nurse participated in Texas Peer Assistance Program for Nurses (TPAPN) for chemical dependency for the 3rd time and I think it that too many time that the program is trying to help out a nurse! I believe it should be revoke! What do you think?
  5. phillipsrn

    Renewal License: Revoke/Deny?

    I need help with this question... a friend who is a RN with a current New York license has moved to Texas and has applied for a Texas license. On the application, she wrote that she was convicted of Medicaid fraud four years ago and will be off of probation in six months. What do I tell her will be the most likely decision as to a Texas license before she make a move.
  6. phillipsrn

    Renewal License: Revoke/Deny?

    A coworker who is a RN who asked me on her biannual renewal form she was convicted almost 2 years ago of harassment and wanted to know what decision would likely decide by Board of Nursing about her license? What should I tell her?