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  1. NurseVN

    CA NP License Application Time Frame?

    So, I have accepted a position as a CT surgery NP at the same hospital I am working as RN. I accepted the position on May 4th. I graduated on May 7th. I took Board on May 19th & passed. I mailed a completed application (school form, check, transcript, etc.) on the same date and BRN received it on May 23rd. It has been 9 weeks!!! They cashed my check on July 19th. I called and they said it would take 16-18 weeks from the time they receive my application. Anyone else is applying & has any insights? Anything I can do to facilitate the process? I called BRN and just got generic answers... Everyone is waiting for me to start so they can start my privilege and orientation process. Thank you.
  2. NurseVN

    What is your take home pay as Nurse Practitioner?

    New Grad accepted a Cardiac Thoracic Surgery NP position in LA, 3 12's (1 weekend/month). Salary 127,500/year, 7 hr PTO/pay period, 1 week CEU, $2,000 for educational expenses. Hospital pays for RN, NP, NPI, and DEA. This is the same unit & hospital I work as a RN for 5 years.
  3. NurseVN

    Cardiac Nurse Practitioners

    That's exactly what I do in my new position. I just graduated on May 7th and will start on June 26th. I have been an RN on the same unit for 5 years so I got hired right before graduation. I see CABG, transplant, LVAD, TAH, valves, etc. Any tips for a new grad?
  4. NurseVN

    Who still works as a floor nurse?

    I will graduate in may and was tentatively offered a NP position on a CT surgery floor (where I have been a RN for 6 years). The position would be 3 12's & 1 weekend/month. I thought about 5 8's/week but I have young kids and it would be impossible to take them to appointments and other activities. I actually do not mind the 12's shifts.
  5. NurseVN

    CT Surgery NP?

    Great! Thank you so much. I want to read up to prepare myself before the training starts.
  6. NurseVN

    CT Surgery NP?

    Thank you! Any book or reading material you recommend?
  7. NurseVN

    CT Surgery NP?

    Hi, I have been a RN for 6 years working with CT surgery patients (post-op, on a step down PCU unit) at a large hospital in Los Angeles area. I'm graduating with my FNP this coming May & was tentatively offered a position for CT surgery NP. We have about 20 NP/PAs between the ICU and step down unit and some go to clinic & OR for harvesting & assist PRN. Coverage is 24 hour (12 hour shift). So I would work night shift 6 pm-630 am (with a fellow available) on the same unit I work now: 3 x/week, one weekend/month, salaried with OT pay. I know the unit, RNs, NP/PAs, and the surgeons well. I prefer day shift but probably would need to stay on night for 1-2 years (training would be during the days for the first few months). They would train me as a permitee until everything is clear. My concern is I have a FNP. What can I do to be prepared for this role? Any book you recommend? Any tips you can share? I plan to go back for ACNP certification in the near future. Maybe in 1-2 years. I also have an offer for a management position on the same unit (same hours, slightly more pay) but I lean toward the NP position as that's what I went back to school for. But I'm afraid of the learning curve. I know how to care for these patients as a RN but I'm sure it's very different as a NP.
  8. I will graduate in May 2016. I have been working full time since the beginning. I also have 2 babies along the way. I took a year off to care for my family though. It takes me 4 years (as I took one year off) to finish my FNP with a post Master in Education. I sleep less than most people I know & work more weekends as well.
  9. NurseVN

    NP Southern CA

    Hello, I have been working at Cedars for 5+ years as a telemetry/step-down RN, BSN. I will graduate with my MSN-FNP (& a post-Master in Education) in May 2016. Though I love the pay & benefits at Cedars, I would like to work closer to home as my current commute is 1hr or more. Anyone here working at Long Beach VA, Long Beach Memorial, USC, or Kaiser? I also plan to do a post-Master in Acute Care if the position requires. Any input is appreciated.
  10. I've been working full time on Cardiac Stepdown unit at a major teaching hospital in Los Angeles, CA for almost 2 years. I have been doing FNP program part-time and am trying to finish by the end of Summer 2014. By then, I will have 4 years of RN experience. I'm also studying to be PCCN certified. Do you think I have a good chance of getting hired as a new grad NP with that much RN experience? I start to get worried that my effort will not be rewarded because of the massive number of graduating NP's in my area. There are at least 3 other RN's on my unit are getting their FNP. I'm hoping to get hired in Orange County or LA county. I can work clinic, outpatient, or inpatient to gain the experience. What can I do to enhance my chance of future NP employment opportunity? Thanks!
  11. NurseVN

    Baby during grad school

    I think you will appreciate my comment because I'm working full time as a RN, going to school for FNP (half way done), and am currently 25 weeks pregnant! At my hospital, we work 7 shifts/ 2 week pay period. I've been taking 1-2 classes (theory) per semester, including during my 1st and 2nd trimester. I even think of taking 1 course during Summer school which ends when I'll be 37 weeks pregnant :-) So far, I did Advanced Patho, Advanced pharm, advanced health assessment (while pregnant), bioethics, research, spiritual care (required at my school), and advanced Roles. I have 5 more clinical courses which I plan to finish in 2 years. So, yes, it's doable if you're type A like me, over-energized, can enjoy an semi- easy pregnany, and have a supportive husband. We have a housekeeper who comes twice a month. My husband does laundry and grocery. I cook 1-3 times/ week and we do take out when I can't. I work night shift and my husband works 7am- 330 pm so we have dinner like at 5 pm. I'm off every other weekend so we plan our going outs accordingly. After my son is born, we plan to have family help for 3 months then hire a live-in babysitter. I will also take 1-2 semesters off as my baby dues in August. Hope that helps!!!!
  12. Thanks so much for the reply. I actually tried to PM you but your mailbox was full at the time :-) I didn't know you're no longer at Hoag. Glad you are happy where you are! I am very happy where I am: great coworkers, good managers, abundant OT opportunities, etc. However, LA is just too congested and air quality + traffic are horrible! Anyways, I'm looking at UCI, Hoag, and Kaiser and they all seem hard to get in....Do you think it is reasonable to get round $38-$40/hr with 2 year+ experience? Is it 72 hr/pay period? How is the medical coverage? If you don't want to share too much info here, you can PM me anytime! Or I can PM you if you want to streamline your mailbox :-) Thanks again!
  13. Hi NickiLaughs, I'm a RN with 2 years experience in a Stepdown unit (cardiac subICU) at Cedars Sinai, LA. I would like to move to Irvine due to my husband's job and to raise a family (I'm 6 month pregnant). I'm looking to move some time next year (2013). I get paid very well here with excellent benefits. I'm making $48/hr night shift ($40/hr if day shift) with 7 shifts/pay period. I do not mind a pay cut if it's worth the experience :-) So, how do you like Hoag Irvine so far? How is the pay for RN's with 2 years experience? Any inputs will be greatly appreciated 'cause I know nobody working there at this point. Thanks!
  14. True! I don't wanna work night all my life but it seems like a fourable option at this point. Thanks.
  15. Hi all, I am a RN on a stepdown unit at a teaching hospital in Southern CA. I've been here a year. I am currently on night shift and I'm 4 month pregnant. I will be gone for maternity leave from July-November. I am thinking of switching to day shift, preferably after I come back from my leave. But there are at least 2 people going from day to night and there are openings/ opportunities to switch shift soon... Night shift: I like people on night shift better and shift differential is $7/hr. My husband works business hours so there will always be someone at home for the baby. We will have to hire a live-in nanny though- which we anticipate. My shift differential will probably cover the difference and my husband makes more than I do. I can sleep 6-7 hrs during the day now but I am still tired and my days off are spent resting. Day shift: Better for my body and health. We might be able to hire a babysitter to come only during the day and the three of us will have more time together. However, people on day shift on my unit are kind of clicky. My new manager is overly friendly and agressive, which is annoying. Day shift on our surgical stepdown floor is super busy and if I switch now, I'm afraid my pregnant body cannot handle it well. Overall, I don't wanna feel regretful after the switch. My husband is supportive either way. My mother hates to see me working graveyeard. But I do not know what I really want. What do guys and girls think? Thanks.
  16. NurseVN

    First RN job & it's pay

    I'm in Southern CA. I'm a new grad RN BSN working night and after all differentials, I make about $45/hr. My unit allows 7 shifts/pay period. For example, 3-4-3-3 or 3-4-3-4 if desired. We do self-scheduling online but CN IV do make minor changes if appropriate.