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  1. lampard

    Feel excluded from classmates

    Thanks for the comments. I think I should just focus on my studies. Thinking about this is too much of my energy and time. There will always be people that don't like you anyway.
  2. lampard

    Feel excluded from classmates

    I know a few acquaintances in classes. They seem to be way friendlier than the people that I sit with. I feel like they're excluding me from all conversations. (especially the girl that tries to play the 'queen bee')
  3. lampard

    Feel excluded from classmates

    Yes I think that's true. I just don't want rumours going around because if I suddenly sit somewhere else people will get suspicious.
  4. Hi I just wanted to say that I feel excluded by my classmates - particularly the people who are in my group. There is this one girl, who's stopped even making eye contact with me, and she won't talk to me at all. She doesn't even look at me. It's just she's treating me like a ghost :) IF she sees a funny picture on her facebook page, she'll show it to everyone else but exclude me from looking at it. I feel really annoyed, and obviously this girl doesn't like me for some reason. The other people in my group are friendly. But she's kind of like the queen bee of the group, so the others are kind of following suit. I think the biggest reason is that... the group is very ethnic-oriented. I don't know how to speak their language. I thought that they seemed to be pretty motivated with class work, that's why I made friends with them in the first place. I know that I didn't come to nursing school to make friends. And this feels really immature. But I don't know why this girl is ignoring me altogether. I missed one or two classes, and then after that she stopped even looking at me. Also, she got fairly good marks but I didn't on the next test, and she would totally ignore me after that. One thing that could be the reason is that:- I think I was a little selfish. Most of the people in my group like to exchange study notes and help each other out. Once she missed one class, and asked me what she had missed. I told her that she didn't miss anything important, and told her to look at stuff on blackboard. And then, the other student in the group told her that she missed something BIG, and then gave her notes to her. Anyway, obviously she doesn't like me, and the group seems to be favouring her side. So, I guess it's best to leave the group and sit somewhere else now? I really don't want to put up with this drama, because it's immature. I don't know what's up with her, but ignoring someone and disrespecting them is not nice is it?

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