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    Pre-Nursing "Reading List"

    Finally, I've hit the point where I only have a few days left of Cosmetology school. Now, it's time to start working toward my long-term goal of becoming a Psych NP. I'm going to have several months between the time I graduate and the time the Spring semester starts at the community college, so here's my question: I have tons of books on Psychology, but now I'm interested in reading more along the lines of nursing. I've briefly searched through the threads about books on here, and read reviews on Amazon. I'm looking for opinions on the best books on a few different topics... 1. basic science review (bio, chem, a&p)/HESI prep 2. care plans 3. med math 4. nursing fundamentals 5. nclex-style testing/nursing-related critical thinking 6. general books relating to success in nursing school I do have some nursing-related knowledge from being a CNA and I love to read, so I thought it would be a constructive use of my time to, for lack of a better way to put it, get a "head start" on learning to "think like a nurse"... Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions