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Gradclass2010's Latest Activity

  1. Gradclass2010

    EDD Traing Program

    Has anyone gone through the process of getting approved for EDD retraining? I have my interview next week and I am unsure of how to answer a couple of questions. Are you supposed to still look for work while you are in training??
  2. Gradclass2010

    kaplan college sacramento

    the first week was hard. not much sleep and a lot to absorb
  3. Gradclass2010

    LVN Kaplan Sacramento

    my overall score was 82%
  4. Gradclass2010

    LVN Kaplan Sacramento

    I have not got a call for an interview and I am freaking out. Hopefully I will get a call today
  5. Gradclass2010

    LVN Kaplan Sacramento

    Thanks for the info, well hopefully they do get accredited. I talked with someone at the bvnpt last week and they said if the school has gotten this far then they are very likely to get accredited, especially because they have other campuses that are already accredited. I already got accepted to Western Career College, but there tuition is 20k more than Kaplan.
  6. Gradclass2010

    LVN Kaplan Sacramento

    How many people on this board are waiting for an interview with Kaplan Sacramento? Any word yet? Does anyone know when classes are expected to start? I cant get a clear answer

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