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  1. ReemBZN

    Why should a patient void before surgery?

    what is so wrong with answering a simple question without scolding? Some answers are found better when we ask people with actual experences and personally i learn/retain information better that way. This is why i come to this site to learn more about nursing areas that i don't get to experence often even if i am not a student cuz things i learn here are so hands on and very easy to understand.
  2. Has anyone taken wound care courses with wound care education institute?? Was it worth the money? I'm quite interested and want to know if you can tell me a little more about it before i sign up! Thank you!
  3. ReemBZN

    Is Tramadol part of your Narc count?

    Wow..I never knew that Ultram can be addictive. I was even being skeptical about the effectiveness of the med. Hmm...we really do live and learn.
  4. First of all, like everybody says DON'T FEEL BAD PLEASE !! Don't let this incident eat you up inside or let that nurse make you feel that you are not a competent nurse. I can see how insulting it would be if another nurse was questioning my " nursing judgment ". I know how you feel cuz I have to deal with somebody like that almost everyday. Totally unreasonable nit picking. These are the things that i do for the sake of my sanity.. 1, Usually i will pretend that i'm having difficulty hearing things when she is about to start to say something unreasonable again. simply no verbal response. Hmm.. i think i hear dog barking somewhere.. do you hear that too? kind of attitude. 2, Sarcastic attitude , for example, " OMG!!!!HOW ON EARTH DID I FORGET TO GIVE O2 WHEN O2 SAT WAS 98% RA OMG!!! IS SHE STILL ALIVE??!? " - requires some level of acting skill but practice makes it perfect right? Remember do not allow her to take your self-confidence away from you and stick with what you believe is right and do your best.
  5. ReemBZN

    having a bad day? maybe this will help

    I can't believe this post got 7replies and here i am adding one more = D Is it possible that there have been some kind of technical problem with this particular post?? anyway these replies are totally cracking me up.:rotfl::rotfl:
  6. ReemBZN

    What causes focal seizures??

    I had a resident who had an episode of focal seizures on saturday. He had stroke that resulted in right side paralysis and aphasia before he came to our facility. It started with nose bleed from rt nostril which is not so unusual for him since he is on coumadin except this time it took longer than usual time to stop it. Few hours later he was visited by his daughter and it was reprorted by her that he was having spasm in his rt arm that was followed by tremor and his face really turned red (like he was really straining himslf ). He was sent to ER shortly after and today I found out that he was admitted. I am wondering.. what are the possible causes of this new onset of recurring focal seizures??? Does it have something to do with his stroke history??
  7. i will open a restaurant and hire chefs who are ex-nurses. nobody would choke to death in my restaurant. = )
  8. ReemBZN

    Do LVN's really make nothing (minimum wage)?

    I've been working full time at my current job for 2 years now and I make $27/hr with full benefit for myself/my child. i guess it really depends on the area you live in cuz i really can't imagine making $15-$18/hr for doing what i do. I live in CA and cost of living is just insane.
  9. ReemBZN

    Another nurse got fired because of me.

    I encountered similar situation before. Nurse who was working the day before was supposed to change fentanyl patch on this pt and she forgot to do it. when i found out that the next day,i changed it for her and dated as of the day before. since she is a regular pm nurse on my floor, i let her know what i did when she came in that afternoon, and she signed for it. end of story.I mean..im not trying to save anybody's a** but nobody's really perfect afterall. I could make same mistake..anyway it seems a little harsh punishment for what happen in OP.