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  1. stillwating

    Nurse Practitioner in Ontario

    I would begin by completing your BSN @ the University of Windsor, then take your RN licesnce test for Ontario and then take your Michigan licensure test (NCLEX). After you are licensed in Michigan apply to Grad school @ a U.S college and then you are on your way.
  2. stillwating

    Practice question that doesn't seem right.

    Albuteril should be given in an acute asthma attack to dilate the bronchiols via nebulizer with 100 pepercent O2 piped in. The steriod should never be given to relieve an acute attack...that is used for everyday use. O2 is not a good answer cause the airway is closed down and you need to open it first.
  3. You will be able to attract women just fine. As a woman I look at how you treat others, if you have a good relationship with the female members of your family, and if your an honest person. What you do for a living makes no difference. You should look for a woman who wants to build a life with you.
  4. stillwating

    waiting at HFCC

    Finally I have been called to start the nursing program.....goodbye life as I know it....hello future!!!! So excited, so scared, so happy...so emotional. Yippeee
  5. Are any of these instructors familiar with the word manequin?
  6. stillwating

    Final Semester Nursing School Failure...What do I do now?

    I would try Excelsior College..:twocents:
  7. stillwating

    Emotional support for a pt. who is miscarrying.

    Well this did happen to me, but instead of going to emerg. I went to my family doctor and this is what he did. He held my hand and he said "I am so sorry for the loss of your baby". It hurt like hell physically and emotionally and it didn't matter to him that I miscarried in my third month. When I was leaving his office, he gave me a hug. Simple yet effective.
  8. @shanfuturenurse: oh thanks for that I didn't realize it was a homework question for other people.
  9. And before someone posts...why are you no longer a respiratory therapist..my answer is because while working as a respiratory therapist (which was great) I began to see what a nurse does and I thought THAT IS WHAT I REALLY WANT TO DO FOR THE REST OF MY WORKING LIFE...
  10. Why yes and no. I am a former respiratory therapist so lungs I know.....its just the rest of the body I need to learn about.
  11. Albuterol( a bronchodilator) is a drug which dilates the bronchial tubes and relaxes the smooth muscle. It helps for bronchitis and emphysema only if there is a a spasm component to the disease. It does not in any way treat the symptoms of bronchitis and emphysema better than asthma. Albuterol is indicated forthe treatment of asthma
  12. stillwating

    necessity of laptop, smartphone, etc?

    Well my laptop is way to heavy to be carting it around (I tried and it was hard). Personally I plan on getting a net book. I also use my smart phone for some tings but i wear glasses and the screen just isn't large enough for me (mostly I load my power point flashcards to my smartphone)
  13. stillwating

    Where to find ALL white leather shoes?

    Go to the new balance store.
  14. stillwating

    You've been accepted...sike!

    it is unfortunate but a lot of Universities are no longer accepting repeats...even if the community college you went to required you to repeat a class only because it had been over 5 years since you last took the course. Find another school that does accept repeat courses
  15. stillwating


    I haven't started my nursing program as of yet; but for work i bring nice healthy lunches in my zojirushi bento box (soup, rice, meat, and warm veggies...all nice and hot). Always hot n' fresh food and nothing from a box for me. I usually bring water in my stainless steel water bottle (my city has gone green) and i bring homemade coffee in my thermos (very small thermos...only fits 1.5cups).:)