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  1. Hey everyone!! I think I need a little reasurrance from you all. I have been an RN now for 2 years. Right from school I started working in Peds. There is no room for me to advance at my current job and I don't think I want to really continue my career in Peds. I recently was hired at a very big state psych hospital, orientation starts August 27. Needless to say, I am very nervous!! I have experience but most certainly not psych. I think I will love it but I am just scared about the transition. Any advice?!?
  2. holly123

    Ancora Psych Hospital

    Hello all, I recently got an interview at Ancora Psych Hospital in Sough Jersey. I have been out of nursing school since 2010. I have worked in peds and also home health. I have no psych exerience but I have also wanted to get into psych. I have heard bad things about the facility. The shift is weekend and night. Does anyone have any input on this hospital or from transitioning from peds to psych? Thanks!
  3. holly123

    Why do patients..??

    Why do patients seem like they always wait until the last possible moment(6:30 when change of shift is 7) to tell you something that they should have told you 11 hours ago?? EX: This morphine that you have been giving me all day hasn't worked at all and my pain is 10 out of 10. I've had the worst headache of my life for the last 6 hours. Oh by the way, I forgot to tell them when I was admitted that I have a chronic issue and i am on 900 medications that I never mentioned to anyone (exaggeration, but you get my point). Does this only happen to me? I mean I do all my assesments and I always ask the patient several times throughout the day if they have any problems/concerns and they never seem to have any until change of shift. Sorry I guess I just had a rough day
  4. holly123

    Crazy things independent pts have asked of you?

    "Excuse me nurse, can you give me a pedicure, I have visitors coming today!" Sure thing I'll get right on that!

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