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    Anyone applying for Navarro ADN Fall 2011?

    I'm a nervous wreck! I sent in my application a few weeks ago and now begins the long wait! I've searched all the threads on this site for Navarro information and have seen a lot of posters saying they didn't get into the program on their first try. I attended one of the very first information sessions back in October and there weren't that many of us, but the instructor said they usually have 500+ applicants! I know that's pretty standard for NS programs, but what type of chance does that leave me?! Here's my stats: GPA 3.8 I got as many of the points as I possibly could: A's and B's in pre-req's and I've taken all the "suggested courses" too so that's a few more points each. My TEAS score was a 90.5. I think she said the cutoff was 87.5, so that puts me just over their cutoff for even looking at the app. I just don't know what else I can do if I don't get in. I guess I'd go back and re-take AP 1 and 2 and try to get A's. Anyone else care to share their experiences and what got you into Navarro or that you're applying this year and waiting with me?
  2. Not me! I got into my ADN program on my first try without it.
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    Time commitment for ADN program??

    I SO hope this is the case for me too! I have 5 children, all school-aged, that are in various activities. I am a good student and have lots of time during their school days and activities to study. I am most worried about missing their games and school functions. I don't have to go to ALL of them, but MOST would be nice. Thanks for the words of encouragement. I really needed that!
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    Rate myself for a reference?

    She's asking you to rate yourself? But I thought that's what you were asking her to do for the reference?! I guess just be honest. After looking at the list, they seem more character questions than actual questions about whether you grasped the material.
  5. Mom/Nurse2b

    Anyone applying for Navarro ADN Fall 2011?

    They told us they would send them out in the first week of June, but that was way back in November at the info session. You might want to try calling and asking for the date. Couldn't hurt.
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    Student loans - worth it?

    I 100% agree with the above posters. $60,000 is quite a bit for a degree, unless we're talking about an Ivy League school, which I'm going to assume you're not. Try the CC ADN program if you can and bridge immediately to a BSN if that's what you want. It would cost you so much less.
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    ADN Fall 2011 Hopefuls!!!

    I got my letter this week! :anpom:
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    Anyone applying for Navarro ADN Fall 2011?

    Congrats! So am I reading the papers right? We will not have a "nurse camp" just an orientation on Aug. 2? Where are you at Stef84? I'm in the Waxahachie area so Corsicana will be a bit of a commute for me that first year.
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    Nursing School

    Good for you for being that nurse that those students can turn to and not feel like they are bothering someone. You have taken some of the negatives from your experience and turned them into positives for others. :)
  10. Mom/Nurse2b

    Is it difficult to win scholarships?

    I was awarded a scholarship last year for $1500, and that was on top of my pell grant so that money was extra for me. I'm not sure of their criteria-each one will be different and have different requirements.
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    Anyone applying for Navarro ADN Fall 2011?

    Got my letter today! I'm in!!!! :hpygrp: Anyone else?
  12. Mom/Nurse2b

    Can Teas be passes without puechasing exams?

    I did NOT buy the exams. I bought the study guide and took those practice exams in the book like 30 times, but I couldn't justify the online exams. I made a 90.5. It can be done! :)
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    Anyone applying for Navarro ADN Fall 2011?

    I called today and there is a message saying the letters for the ADN program were mailed today. So hopefully we'll get something this week!
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    Class Of 2012

    Typo! Meant 2012
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    Class Of 2012

    Congrats on your acceptance! I'm waiting on our letters-sometime in June, but I'm thinking I'll be Class of 2010 also. I applied to both the ADN and LVN program, so I'm just waiting to see which one it'll be.
  16. Mom/Nurse2b

    I'm in!!!!!

    Congrats! :)
  17. Mom/Nurse2b

    Anyone applying for Navarro ADN Fall 2011?

    Nope. Anyone tried calling? I called two weeks ago (I think) and was told "by the end of April." I think they meant literally the END of April. Like on 4/30 they will mail letters.
  18. Mom/Nurse2b

    The future of hand washing?

    Gross! I've wondered about the hand washing as well. I've seen nurses and doctors use the hand sanitizer way more than the sink and soap lately. Is this the new normal?
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    No jobs...Seriously reconsider nursing school

    I guess I just don't understand why your comments aren't more supportive of students that are in your exact same situation? You say don't waste your money, yet your program was free. You say jobs are hard to get, yet you say you haven't even begun looking for one. I don't mean to be condescending to you, but you don't seem to realize just how negative your posts are.
  20. Mom/Nurse2b

    No jobs...Seriously reconsider nursing school

    How about some suggestions on how to get your foot in the door, such as volunteering while still in school or working part-time in whatever capacity you can. Your condescending posts don't make me feel anything but pity for you. You're still a student? So then all these feelings are just your projections onto the rest of us.
  21. Mom/Nurse2b

    No jobs...Seriously reconsider nursing school

    I disagree. You didn't create this thread to warn people out of genuine concern for their futures. You created this thread because you're having a hard time finding a job and want someone to commiserate with. I find your attitude off-putting. You're not the only one who knows the jobs are going to be hard to get. Just because some of us disagree with your approach doesn't mean we're "blissfully ignoring" anything.
  22. Mom/Nurse2b

    No jobs...Seriously reconsider nursing school

    Thanks for the warning. I hadn't heard that the economy sucks for the past two years. You have done your duty by enlightening all your fellow nursing students and hopefuls. I'm not ignoring anything. I'm moving forward with my career goals. But you're right-there is no nursing shortage. I don't think anyone thinks there is anymore. Yes, there have been a few threads like this lately and their posts on the PRE-nursing forums is what bothers me. They claim they are only giving students a "reality check" when it seems like they are the ones who had the reality check after graduation.
  23. Mom/Nurse2b

    No jobs...Seriously reconsider nursing school

    Oh I'm on board with it, but you came onto the section of this website where mostly pre-nursing students are excited about getting acceptance letters and starting in a new career that they've worked really hard for. What are they supposed to do with that advice? Quit?! Again, what field would you suggest they pursue instead? I'm sorry you're having a hard time. I'm in Texas too. But the job market is horrible for everyone. What should people do?
  24. Mom/Nurse2b

    No jobs...Seriously reconsider nursing school

    What field would you suggest? Every job sector has too many applicants for too few jobs. This has nothing to do with nursing. Yes, maybe the days of nursing students walking into jobs are over, but the field isn't dead. I really don't appreciate people coming onto the student boards and saying this crap. Why not just go to a high school and tell all the graduating seniors to not even think of college cause jobs are just too hard to get?!
  25. Mom/Nurse2b

    Don't let yourself get sucked in by BM'ers and DG'ers

    I needed to hear that also. Thank you! :)