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  1. Hi, I'm a new nurse who left my first job in ICU after agonizing 6months. I got a job in Med/Surg 5months later. Although I graduated from nursing school over 1yr ago, I only have 8 months nursing experience. I'm experiencing anxiety everytime when I think of work. It usually start the night before (I work night shifts) and escalate just before leaving to work. My heart starts palpate and I become tearfull. I'm a single mom so I leave my child w/ my friend. Everynight when I'm leaving to work, I feel so sad to take him to my friend's house. Although my supervisor tells me she heard some good things about me, I still feel so inadequate and make mistakes. I get stressed out if I can't finish all the task within the first 2-3hrs before pts go to sleep. I start taking antidepressant 2wks ago and see counseling every 2wks. I have no interest to anything anymore, I isolate myself more and more. I feel like falling apart. I like my patients and have good relationship with them, but I feel inadequate comes to skills, paperworks, and some physicians orders. Help me... I don't want to feel so sad and fearful about my job.
  2. Thank you so much for all your replies. I want you to know all of you helped me a lot, you have no idea how relief I felt that I was not the only one who was having this emotion. I take all your advices and going to work tonight. I feel like I have you behind of me when I'm working tonight (just like Verizon's CM). Thank you, thank you, thank you again. Big hugs to each one of you.
  3. thank you very much, Ivanna, for your kind advice. I really wish I could breath easily soon.
  4. I'm so discouraged to get a job in here southern california. I had a job in ICU right after the graduation in Dec. 2008. It wasn't my first choice to be an ICU RN, in fact, it was my least favorite area during nursing school. I know... I made a mistake, I took the job because I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to get a job as a new grad. It was a big mistake. I worked very hard, I used 150% of my effort, energy, and emotion to survive. After 6 months, my manager and myself, both realized that this was not a match for me and I resigned myself. Now, I'm having a very difficult time to find a job. All places require at least 1 yr experience in acute care. I've sent numerous applications and resume since August. I only had 2 interviews so far. I am doubting myself now, if I ever be able to have a job as a RN. I wish I could expand job search area but I'm a single mom and own a house in here. It is not easy to relocate now. Don't know what to do... I love to be a nurse. I know I can be a good nurse. I'm getting a certificate for EKG reading this week. I wish someone could give me a second chance. I really appreciate if anyone can gives me an advice what to do.