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  1. Diabetes. The Sugar That's Not So Sweet

    This is based on true experiences from working as a nurse during the night shift in long-term care and rehabilitation centers. It's 4 AM. Time to begin preparing for the early-morning med-pass (a term we often use for passing out medications during a...
  2. This question is for all nurses who originally went into the profession to truly help people get and stay well. What has been your personal experience with this? HealthCare or SickCare?
  3. roser13, Thanks I see what you're saying. It was originally a yes or no question. I changed it and didn't update the responses. I will try to have it edited
  4. Business As Wellness,Weight loss or RN Health Coach?

    Hi, I tried to respond to the last PM, but it appears that it didn't send. Will you PM me your email address?
  5. Wellness Coaching

    Hello:-)! Any nurses or nursing students interested in Health & Wellness Coaching?
  6. Update on ECPI??? Current Students or Grads??

    First, I want to say congratulations on your upcoming journey to the nursing field! I graduated from the ECPI Raleigh LPN program in 2009 so idk much about Charlotte. It was hard, but worth so yes I would do it again. At the time i was going it was a...
  7. Business As Wellness,Weight loss or RN Health Coach?

    Yes I love it, gives me a chance to work full time and still have lots of free time. The app on my phone also available for an iPad, contains convenient lectures with some that are video which helps me being that I'm a visual learner. Very doable cou...
  8. Business As Wellness,Weight loss or RN Health Coach?

    Hi dna_nurse:-) You don't have to be a RN to become a health coach. I'm a LPN currently in a program to become a certified health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Being a member a the healthcare field isn't a requirement and one...
  9. Hi, I'm in the LPN-RN bridge program and am about to begin studying for Transitions. Would love to connect with fellow students in the area to have study sessions in person, and/or online. Also, want to find someone to keep in touch with that's at t...
  10. Hi, I'm in the beginning stages of the program. Need encouragement and want to hear from others that's doing this in my state:)
  11. Looking for an Excelsior study partner(s) in NC

    Hi HC86779, that's wonderful! Send me an email so we can chat
  12. Anyone currently doing the Excelsior program in NC?

    I understand what you mean and yes it was very helpful. Congrats on finishing! It takes a lot of courage to not give up. Awesome job :yelclap:!
  13. Looking for an Excelsior study partner(s) in NC

    Hi lpn4nowrn42012! Thanks, I'm taking the one called Transition to the Registered Professional Nurse Role. Wish you much success on your journey whatever you decide. Hopefully you'll go with Excelsior:-) Send me an email or PM me yours so I can send ...
  14. Looking for an Excelsior study partner(s) in NC

    Hi BestSweetGal! I'm going to send you an email. Thanks LunahRN, that's a great idea. I was thinking video chat as well, but I have an oovoo account. I'll check into making a skype.
  15. Looking for an Excelsior study partner(s) in NC

    Hello All, Thanks for your replies. @scorpio82lse, I'm an hour away from Raleigh, NC. @RyanCarolinaBoy, I don't have enough posts to PM yet. Maybe you could PM me if you can. @Nervous1, that's great. Hope you are/were successful on your first test :-...
  16. Anyone currently doing the Excelsior program in NC?

    Thanks alot for your response. How long did it take you to finish?
  17. Starting pay for a lpn

    It depends on the facility and it varies everywhere. I live in NC and started at a nursing home a few weeks after being licensed. I was given $19.00/hr base pay because I asked for it. Also, you have to know what you will not accept and have a minimu...
  18. Independent Contractor Nurse/Experience

    Hi All, I have recently become interesting in this type of nursing. I was just wondering how much experience is needed to be qualified to do this. Is there a certain minimum amount of years or what? I know most nurses who work for agencies need at le...
  19. Im proud to be an LPN !

    I for one am proud of being an LPN. I worked hard to get where I am and work hard at what I do. The whole LPN vs. RN thing is very annoying, but I have to remind myself that the people that think we are not nurses or "real" nurses are very uneducated...