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  1. Thank you for the offer. Another member contacted me previously and I already completed the interview and paper for class. But I appreciate your offer to help. Is there a way to remove a post now that it is no longer needed? I hate to be disturbing folks unnecessarily. Eileen
  2. Eileen2010

    University of Cincinnati students....any contracts available?

    Beedog, Thank you for the info. I have a few plans and contingencies for school, but wanted to check contracts too. I too think that is lowest on my list of options. My biggest concern is not being able to sell my house and having to pay this mortgage during school. That's why I am checking. Real estate in MA is horrible! Anyway, how do you like the UC program? They are on my short list (already started the app, waiting for recommendations). The students in the online video seem pleased with the program, but they were chosen by the school to talk about it. Are the clinicals good? I hear they are all fairly local (20 miles or so). How old are the students in your group? Hows housing in the area? Thanks for your input. Congrats on finishing the first year! Eileen
  3. Thanks for the PM help. Eileen
  4. Eileen2010

    Looking for an experienced camp nurse to interview

    Thank you for the help. Eileen
  5. Most likely your facility uses the Core Curriculum for ICU training. That's pretty standard. Don't go crazy when you see it since it is a giant textbook. Concentrate on learning one system at a time. Right now, get a grasp on cardiovascular (EKGs, pulses, measuring edema, checking JVP, meds, MIs). Then move on to respiratory, neuro, GI, GU, endocrine.....slowly! It can be overwhelming otherwise. If you really want a review book, look for one of the pocket guides (Critical Care Checkmate is very popular, or Porter's Pocket Guide to Emergency and Critical Care). Small enough to keep in your bag for quick reference. Google them for where to order. In regard to medications, learn categories (beta blockers, ACE inhibitors, calcium channel blockers, vasopressors, vasodilators, diuetics, narcotics). For the most part, the info in each category is the applicable to all the drugs of that category. It will make your life easier overall. Relax. Enjoy the transition. Check in and let us know how it is going. Eileen
  6. I am finally finishing my RN-BSN and need to complete a project for Community Health. Is there an experienced camp nurse who would be willing to be interviewed for a short presentation. It would consist of 6-8 questions and some basic demographic info about your facility. A short email exchange would probably be enough. Please let me know if you can help me in this. Thanks, Eileen
  7. I am finally finishing my RN-BSN and am looking for an Occupational Health/Industrial Health nurse to interview for a short class presentation. 6-8 questions and some basic demographic information on your facility would be required. I would like to exchange a series of emails to get the answers and provide clarification/followup as needed. If you can help, I would appreciate it. Thanks, Eileen
  8. You will have to base your decision of several factors. Some of those include: Is your facility a teaching hospital? If so, patient rounds could start as early as 5am, or go on all day on the day shift, and I have always learned a ton of new material by listening to and participating in morning rounds. Will there be an experience preceptor available to you, no matter what shift? It won't be helpful if you are thrown on nights with only other new nurses to guide you. Are you a night person? Can you sleep well during the day? If you know you will be on nights in the ICU, would your body benefit by adjusting to a night schedule now? Will there be opportunity to learn/study on nights? Are educational programs offered then? Will you have to cut into your sleep time to accommodate the educator and come in on a day shift for classes? Will a quieter time (no families, less travel, fewer procedures) give you more time for independant study and review? Finally, although it is true that nights in the ICU are busy, they are truly not as busy as days in some respects. (Please don't slam me....I work perm nights in the ICU and have for years) In most hospitals, most of the post ops come out on days or evenings. The emergent cases happen at night. More travel happens during the day. Interventional radiology, CT guided drainage, Cath lab, are usually day based departments with call in availability at night. More rounding and therefore bedside teaching happens on days. You have the opportunity to see a lot on the day shift. But if your unit is chaotic or understaffed at baseline, you could be left hanging in the breeze on days whereas you might have more 1:1 time for learning and growth on nights, with the right preceptor. See what I mean? There are advantages to both, and disadvantages too. This will be your career and you must advocate for yourself and your needs. Maybe you could shadow someone on both shifts before you decide, see what both shift are really like. You may find a connection with someone that would be worth investing in. Good luck. I started in the ICUs decades age after only a few months on the floor. It has been a great experience. I wish you well. Eileen
  9. Eileen2010

    Cinditions in New Orleans

    I know Hurricane Katrina was a few years ago now, but the destruction and devestation was enormous..... How are current conditions in New Orleans? Is housing available at reasonable rates? Are there enough ORs running to support all the students? What is the job market like after school for CRNAs? Are any groups offerring contracts to students? If so, could you share details of how much in return for how long? Thanks
  10. I am trying to plan finances for next year. I will have savings, hopefully some scholarship money for 1240 GREs, Stafford loans. Are any students getting contracts this year? Can you share some details, including money offerred for how much time in return? Thanks in advance. Eileen
  11. Eileen2010

    CRNA info please

    Go for it! Age doesn't have to be a negative factor on your applications. Check with your local CRNA programs (or those you are willing to relocate to) for science reqs. You may have to retake some chemistries if they are 20 years old. And getting A's in those courses will raise your GPA, too. An above average GRE score also sets you above the pack in the application pool. Try Cracking the GRE as a study guide. It gives great tips, tricks, and study info for the GRE. Good luck. Keep us posted on your progress. Eileen
  12. Eileen2010

    GRE Practice tests

    Quick update.... GRE's are over! And I am thrilled! Scored a 1240 (650 verbal, 590 math). Physical at Walter Reed was fine, long day, but I am "medically qualified for duty". Two steps down, many more to go until June 2010. Eileen
  13. Eileen2010

    The Extent That You Will Go for Your Patient

    God bless you for being in nursing almost 40 years and still remembering a favorite patient. I'm sure you were a huge part of his (and many other patient's) recovery. Sounds like you went through a lot of uniforms though!
  14. Eileen2010

    GRE Practice tests

    I leave for Walter Reed in the morning for my physical. A little nervous since I am old and out of shape. I have lost about 30lbs so I am closer to army weight. Reserve app is in progress but I have the verbal OK from the Chief Nurse of the local unit. He is on board with my joining the reserves to get to OBLC in the fall and USAGPAN next June. The unit isn't due to deploy anytime soon, so I am feeling better about that end of it all. Northeastern app completed, except for my current transcript which should go out this week. So I think all I need is the Phase II interviews which the recruiter is working on setting up. Even on the home front things are falling into place. My son and some friends want to rent my house from me so I am not stressing out about selling in a bad market. Anyway, thanks for the input. GREs this Friday. And the practice exams look really good, so I am hopeful for a competetive score. Cindy, you must be getting excited. Leaving soon for San Antonio. Have a great year! I'll be watching for updates on how it's going. Eileen
  15. Eileen2010

    Age upon admission

    I will be 45 on Tuesday (Happy Birthday to me!) and am in the process of applying for June 2010 when I will be 46!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally realized that I was getting too old to put it off any longer.
  16. Eileen2010

    GRE Practice tests

    Has anyone taken GRE practice tests (such as Princeton or Kaplan Review) and had the scores correllate with your actual test scores? I'm taking the test Friday and hope my practice scores will reflect the actual test. Thanks for any input.