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Started life as a teacher, then Cosmetologist, then lawyer, and now hoping to start nursing school in May. And no, I am not a zillion years old.

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  1. careerdejour

    Your Opinions Please! LPN Director or Full time Faculty?

    Thanks for your response. it was not possible to shadow either pjobs. I have made a decision for the faculty position. Thank you so much.
  2. Hello, I have a choice of choosing between two jobs. The first one is as the Director of an LPN program, and the second one is as full time faculty in an ADN program. The director position has a wider range of responsibilities, but the faculty position is just to teach clinicals and some theory. Both schools are state institutions. Does anyone have any experience/questions that might help in making this decision? Thank you.
  3. careerdejour

    hurst review..

    In answer to your question: I recorded some of the audio on audiotapes.(Don't have a cd burner) and listened to them in the car. Secondly, I think the Kaplan strategies in combination with Hurst content review will benefit you. I found the Kaplan questions to be comparable in language and difficulty to the questions I got on the NCLEX. If you listen to Marlene, Be sure and pay attention to her question section and the Delegation section. Her rationales were ringing in my ears during the test. And I passed with 76 questions. Hope that helps.
  4. careerdejour

    How much Longer????

    When I checked my result yesterday, I read somewhere there that they don't tell whether someone failed or not. All they show is whether or not a license has been issued in someone's name. Has your friend truly verified from Pearson Vue? I am hoping against hope that she checked the BNE too early?
  5. careerdejour

    I Passed with 76 Questions!!

    I left the exam feeling like I had been to combat. I did not start to feel better about the test until 24 hours later when I had time to think about some of the questions and my answer choices. So, hang in there and you might begin to feel better too after a few hours. I've ben told that the more weird your questions look, the higher the level they are...and the fewer the questions you need to prove yourself. So, I am keeping hope alive for you. let us know when you get the goooooood news!!
  6. careerdejour

    I passed I passed I passed!!!

    . Congrats!
  7. careerdejour

    Finally----i Passed.!!!!!!!

    I found out today too that I passed. Congratulations!!!!
  8. careerdejour

    I Passed with 76 Questions!!

    I took the NCLEX on Tuesday May 31,2005. I checked the Texas BNE website this morning and I have a license already. Yeah!!! I was not sure at all when I left the test how I had performed. If you are in Texas, you do not need to pay Pearson Vue any money to get quick results. They BNE posted my license before Pearson Vue did. I went through a 12 month accelerated BSN program. I am in my forties, and this is not my first career. I also have young children. So, anyone who might be wondering if it can be done, I want to encourage you that the only answer is "Yes", it can be done!!!! Thanks for reading this.
  9. careerdejour

    What # of questions did u pass the NCLEX with?

    Boy was it hard to predict!! It shut off at 76. I wanted it to go on. I felt like saying..."Wait, I need to prove that I know this stuff." Anyway, I don't know if I'll do the quick results in 2 days. My friend got her license 4 days after the test. So, I might wait till Saturday. I got a bunch of prioritization and delegation questions. And just for the record:The questions were more similar to the Kaplan Trainer CD than the Saunders books. I used both the Saunders Q & A and the Comprehensive. The Kaplan trainer was closer to the test. I will let you know when the results come!!
  10. How did you go about telling the employer about your mind change?
  11. Did you go back over the tapes again and again? Or did you take notes the first time and didn't revisit? If you used Sanders or something else in conjunction, in what order or fashion did you do it? I have been listening to the videos online. I just want ideas regarding how others have been doing it. I can always learn a thing or two.
  12. careerdejour

    Medsurg at St. Luke's in Houston or ICU at Clear Lake Regional?

    You've been PM'ed. Interview went well. Phase 2 tomorrow.
  13. careerdejour

    Medsurg at St. Luke's in Houston or ICU at Clear Lake Regional?

    Thanks. I appreciate your help. I was thinking maybe they are trying not to have too many new grads in ICU. But still, I would love a chance to be one of those new grads they hire. Hope you find out something good :)
  14. careerdejour

    Medsurg at St. Luke's in Houston or ICU at Clear Lake Regional?

    I got an e mail from the nurse recruiter telling mre that all they are offering right now is Med/Surg or OR. Quite a few of my classmates actually wanted ICU, since we di a preceptorship there and loved it in the ICU there. I don't know what's going on. I have decided to go ahead and interview for med/surg even though it's not my first choice.
  15. careerdejour

    Medsurg at St. Luke's in Houston or ICU at Clear Lake Regional?

    You've been PM'ed.
  16. I am hoping I can get some responses to this from people who are familiar with the Hospital in the Houston area. I am interviewing with St. Luke's as a graduate nurse and also at Clear Lake Regional. St. Lukes is offering only Med/Surg and I have a shot at ICU at Clear Lake Regional. I wonder if anyone has any opinions about either hospital and their environment as a place of work. One advantage that Clear Lake has is that the traffic is not as hellish as it is in trying to get to the Medical Center. Plus parking is free. However, St. Luke's has good reputation. Anyway, any opinions?