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  1. Trying to decide on an online program. Ohio University has been my latest obsession, but I've been waiting for some time for an acknowlegment from them, and I've been reading some things that make me wonder if it's too good to be true. The cost of the program, that is. So wondering if anyone is attending SHU and what the program is like?
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    Show Up On Your Own Radar

    RN/writer this is spot on! I am actively taking your advice and taking inventory :)
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    RN-MSN program at Aspen University

    hello msteelhorse (and others) what made you choose AU over Ohio University? Just curious... I am currently enrolled in RN to MSN at sacred Heart...I like it, however it's expensive! Would love your feedback, babynurse
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    Ohio University RN-to-BSN Program

    msteelhorse, check out sacred heart university's rn to msn programs. Im taking chemistry on-line now and finding it all good so far. The only thing is the cost is much higher than OU or WGU but not as high as Chamberlain or UOP. SHU has been very organized and prompt. Sometimes you get what you pay for, so to speak. I still have my application and transcripts at OU, but haven't heard a thing so far. I sent the application fee in about 3 weeks ago and I don't think the check has been cashed. I looked into WGU as well, but didn't care for the fact that their "credits" are not transferrable. Sacred Heart may be a viable candidate for you. Check them out and best of luck to you!
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    Sacred Heart University

    Hi Fran, I am enrolled in the RN to MSN program at SHU. Are you still in? What do you think so far? Would love to chat.....
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    Ohio University RN-to-BSN Program

    Hi Chuckster, msteelhorse, and nevergonnagiveup! What a great idea! I just completed my application and all my transcript requests. Im shooting for fall enrollment (Sept 6), so there's plenty of time. I will keep you all posted on the progression of my enrollment process. Im figuring I will need 16 classes to complete my BSN according to the syllabus....that's 2 classes less than other colleges I've applied to. It will be interesting to see.....
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    Choice among on-line RN-BSN programs

    I;ll just have to take the plunge and try it out. It's the only way! And I won't be out too much money if I decide going back to school just isn't for me.
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    Choice among on-line RN-BSN programs

    mtsteelhorse, thank you for your input! I hope you will have less classes to take as well! Maybe we will be in a class together along the way. Yes, OU is definitely the winner among BSN programs in my opinion. Tuition is among the lowest out there, 5 week classes, Blackboard and Epic platforms (I've used Blackboard and it's pretty user friendly), and of course it is accredited by the appropriate organizations. OU gets my vote!
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    Choice among on-line RN-BSN programs

    Is the tuition $155/per credit hour anyway? I'm really hoping so. Sorry that the application process is taking so long. The guy I talked to responded to my e-mail within 24 hours, but I haven't submitted anything at this point, just a query. I was looking into Liberty and Jacksonville University's RN to BSN program and OU's price is right so Im leaning toward them. I went through the entire application process for the BSN program at Sacred Heart University, but got cold feet. The tuition is $475/per credit hour! I really don't want a huge bill when I'm done. It's a huge undertaking and a little financially scary. SHU was a bit snobby for my taste, and told me if I didn't start the semester I enrolled in, I would be "disciplined." Oh please! I called to postpone 2 weeks before classes even started! So I guess Im just nervous and weighing the pros and cons of obtaining the elusive BSN! Will I still have a life if I do this, as I work full time and have a husband, 3 kids, and a menagerie of pets! I'd love any comments or feedback, this forum has been greatly appreciated!!:heartbeat
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    Choice among on-line RN-BSN programs

    Hi again guys! As I was reading through the application process for OU, I discovered I need to provide an Academic Outreach Initiative Program number from my employer. It is my understanding that this number is required to get the low tuition offered at OU. Well, today is Sunday and Im unable to call the Education Dept. or Human Resources at my hospital to find out if they even participate in this program. What has been your experience with this?
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    Choice among on-line RN-BSN programs

    Thank you all for posting all this information about RN to BSN programs. I, too have been researching online programs and cost has been a major deterrent to enrolling. Ohio University is very affordable and doable. Im pretty sure it is a new program, which is why I haven't come across it until now. However, it is accredited and I like the 5 week "semester" format. Thank you again for the info!!
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    Chamberlain College of Nursing

    Does anyone know if Chamberlain's MSN program is accredited?
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    Chamberlain textbooks

    Hello! Anyone doing Chamberlain's RN to Bsn? Is there a powerpoint presentation required? Also looking into Indiana Wesleyan's Rn to BSN....Any comments on either of these programs is greatly appreciated!
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    St. Joseph's College: Maine

    Im excited to be starting my first BSN class at the end of the month...Prof. Transitions. Sounds a bit boring. Anyone taken that class? Good to hear that there are 5 units. Is this true of all classes at St Joe's? It seems very doable!
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    Online MSN programs for RN with ADN + BA ?

    I am applying to Sacred Heart RN to MSN online program. So far so good. You need a 3.0 or better GPA to get into the MSN program, 2 letters of recommendation, a resume, proof of malpractice insurance (about $100 a yr), and a statement of personal goals. I have researched several programs. My #2 choice was Saint Josephs College of Maine, which also has RN to MSN. SJCME is cheaper, but what swayed me to SHU is the 8 week course format. SJCME has traditional 15 week semester format....They both seem to have a good reputation in nursing. I hope this helps. Anyone else going to either of these programs?
  16. aren't clinical nurse leader and clinical nurse specialist the same?