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  1. butterflydancer

    Chamberlain College

    Close to QC. i am border QC and Mesa. See, i couldn't do it now if I had to go everyday. I thought if I was oncampus only a few days a week, then it would be doable, but not everyday....I can't find a course schedule to see how that works, and so I am beginning to think I may have to wait until my youngest is in school.
  2. butterflydancer

    Chamberlain College

    What schedule does Chamberlain have? Those who attend, how many days and how long are you there? I am asking because I would love to start this program, but I have two small children at this time and my husband only has three days off of work. We don't really have anyone that can babysit the kids and we can't afford childcare. So, I am curious if I would be able to work Chamberlain into my schedule? I live way out in the East Valley, so it will be quite the drive anyway as well - 50 miles one way!
  3. butterflydancer

    Rio Salado pre-Nursing classes

    How about the tutoring? I have heard that the RIO tutoring is actually fairly decent. Good luck!
  4. butterflydancer

    CHM 130 on RIO advice?

    I was under the impression that you could did not have to write essays in CHM? Is this also on the midterm and final?
  5. butterflydancer

    Rio Salado pre-Nursing classes

    I think you need 20 posts in order to be able to send PM's unless you have a membership with allnurses. But once you do, just check out your account and when you want to contact someone, under their profile click contact and then select send a PM. Does the instructor make him/herself available? Are the instructions not clear? I wish I could help, but I haven't taken it yet...
  6. I have heard good things about Grand Canyon University and NAU if you are around that area, but ASU seems to be difficult, not entirely sure....
  7. butterflydancer

    Rio Salado pre-Nursing classes

    I am scheduled to take PSY 230 in a few weeks. What are you having difficulties with? I would ask who your instructor is, but I don't think you can PM now. The PP were talking about PSY 240, which is a different class. Good luck in this class!
  8. butterflydancer

    CAC Classes

    I was wondering if anyone has taken any pre-req's at CAC? Which classes and how did you like them? Anyone do the six week BIO courses online?
  9. Thanks for posting this! I look forward to reading your next segment