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I have heard numerous times how tough this class is and I just took Lesson 1 Quiz and was really unhappy with the set up. The lesson and labs were strictly on Chapter 1 and our midterm is suppose to be from Chapters 1 and 4-7, so I didn't think Ch 2 and 3 would have much emphasis and only briefly looked over it. Well, tonight THE ENTIRE quiz was on Ch. 2 and 3. Now I am worried thinking that the guidelines and such are not really what I can trust, but how in the world is one to prepare?:madface:


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Do you go to Rio Salado??


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If it is Rio, isn't there an outline on what you need to study in ch 2 and/or 3? I don't think I took a class at rio where the instructor did not post outlines on what to study. I'd email the instructor about this if I were you.

Good luck.



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I just took the BIO 201 online thru Rio and finished up in May. :D I recall the first quiz being a review of general biology and chemistry, kind of a pretest before getting into the anatomy and physiology stuff. The midterm covered anatomical terminlogy, histology of tissues, connective tissue, epidermis, bones, etc... It's all listed in the midterm outline that your professor will supply to you a couple of weeks before the midterm. Maybe you misunderstood what the first quiz would cover? In my experience, each week we received a lesson outline that discussed what chapter(s) to read and what to study, along with what was due by week's end. I highly recommend using flash cards, I really feel it helped my grades. :twocents: The quizes are timed, so be prepared before you take them. Remember you can always drop the class if you need to. Good luck!


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It was just the first quiz. Don't worry about it too much. I always have my books ready to flip through if I need to find something during the quiz-there's plenty of time. You'll do fine. Make flash cards, do all the practice quizzes. I found that the lab book helped a lot with making sense of the information. Hang in there!

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