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  1. sl4shd0t

    block 1 and microbiology

    I think that depends how organized you are, how much time you have for studying and how well you retain information. I did micro and anatomy II during LPN school (blocks one and two). I found those first two blocks to be easy enough, but I was studying NON-STOP too. Where there's a will there's a way, but it's hard work and you have to be very motivated and have the time for it. Becky
  2. sl4shd0t

    ASU's RN-BSN Program...

    Did we graduate around the same time? I graduated from Estrella in May of 07. I was an LPN for a year before that, I was working in acute med/surg and floated to an inpatient dialysis floor also. So I stayed there. I also had a new baby, he was born 6 weeks before graduation! I worked for a year after graduation but it wore on me so much (I worked a lot of nights) that I've been home for a year now with the little one. I want to get this BSN and then go back to work, I figure if I don't finish now, I might not ever! I'm doing the BSN basically to keep me knowledgable and advancing in the field without having to go back to work. Since work would be so time consuming right now. I keep my ACLS updated tho, and am going to do the 2 day/week critical care class at gateway this fall also. Right now I'm in school finishing up 2 last pre-reqs for this ASU program before it starts. She emailed me that I was approved for the petition to start in august (I had to petition since I turned my app in late) But that there aren't any spots open right now, however they have 30 online spots so I will probably get one of those if I can't get into the on-campus program. I am going to defer my student loan and add onto it for the cost of the program. I think one year at ASU is a little under 10K? I'm not exactly sure because I am doing it no matter what, and I'm financing it so I never checked about tuition. I want to continue on for my masters and DNP afterwards though, and i hope to just keep on going without taking any breaks after I get the BSN. I will work after the BSN though, I wanna get back on the floor once my little one goes to preschool. He's two now. When do you think you'll get back into nursing? Becca
  3. sl4shd0t

    ASU's RN-BSN Program...

    There was nothing in the paperwork that said anything about floor nursing experience required. I am currently not working (although did floor nursing for 2 years) and that's why I chose asu instead of something like grand canyon or u of p. I think those other ones have you use your work for clinical hours or something. I also know that some people apply from the community colleges before they've even taken boards, so... I used to post here under "phoenixgirl" and i remember you! Is it too forward to ask how come you never went into nursing after graduation? Becca
  4. sl4shd0t

    BIO 201 Question

    If it is Rio, isn't there an outline on what you need to study in ch 2 and/or 3? I don't think I took a class at rio where the instructor did not post outlines on what to study. I'd email the instructor about this if I were you. Good luck. Rebecca
  5. sl4shd0t

    Rio Salado pre-Nursing classes

    I did most of mine online at Rio. In the beginning it's hard but you will get used to it. And more confident after you pass classes. I accelerated bio 156 which was a huge mistake. I did it and passed but it was TOUGH. I remember crying the night before the final sure I wasn't going to even go because I was going to flunk anyway! My husband said "what do you have to loose?" and I went and passed. It was a good feeling. Follow the outline for essays exactly. I did this and was approached numerous times by instructors asking for permission to use my writing as examples for their classes. I am not a great writer (IMO) I just followed directions and had/cited good sources. Take the time to go over your notes every single day. IIRC (i did my pre-reqs like 5 years ago) there were often a few essay questions to choose from. Even though you don't write all of them, KNOW the answers for the ones you don't choose. Those essay questions come up on midterms/finals. Good luck. Rebecca
  6. sl4shd0t

    Comparable jobs to RNs (salary wise)

    As an RN in phoenix I made $40/hr. That was a pool rate with no benefits. I worked nights/weekends for over 40 with the differential. This was at a long term acute care hospital though, with bad staffing and patients were very ill. The job market for nurses in PHoenix is not as great as what it used to be 2-3 years ago. Most places are on hiring freezes or you got many nurses applying for one job. This specific hospital I worked for tho, is still offering sign on bonuses, and my friend just got hired there for $38/hr and she's in nurse monitoring. I don't work their any longer tho. But I know a lot of people there that hate it, but stay for the money.
  7. sl4shd0t

    ASU's RN-BSN Program...

    I am in the alliance, and I'm trying to get in for the Aug start. I turned my app in late, so I had to petition but she emailed me awhile back and said I have a good chance to get in for august. I will know at the end of next week! I graduated from Estrella Mountain CC two years ago. However, I had to take stats and also MAT142 to finish up the pre-reqs for ASU, I didn't have to do that to get into the community college program. Rebecca
  8. I haven't worked since last summer, and have recently started applying....everywhere. Four years experience in the healthcare field, and two of those as a nurse on an acute med/surg floor. I felt my resume was good, I have ICU experience, in-patient dialysis and did my preceptorship in oncology back when I was in school. It's really discouraging! How long is the economy going to be like this?! I went to a job fair and got a lot of "sorry, but you need experience in this specialty." I'm willing to go into any specialty, and when I was in school a lot of recruiters would say "get some med/surg experience first." Well, now I'm experienced and it's "You need experience in this specialty." ***!!! I have an interview with a nursing home on Thursday and the DON didn't seem too pleased that my only LTC experience is as a CNA. In my previous job I was always overloaded with patients, had a team under me to supervise, dealt with catastrophic illnesses, vents, post-op's, did conscious sedation, in-patient dialysis. I'm so upset that this isn't even seen as impressive in this tough economy. I miss the days when they used to kiss our butts and offer huge bonuses. Used to be able to just walk into a facility, talk to someone and get a job. Just needed to vent. Any thoughts or idea's would be helpful too.