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I am 21, three years out of high school, married and finally a nursing student! I'm in my first year of an 18 month (2 year) LPN program.

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  1. colta

    You Know You're A Nurse If...

    Not a nurse yet, just a student but.... When you're watching an abdominal surgery being performed around lunch-time and all you and your fellow student/nurse can think of is how much different pieces of anatomy look like weird versions of food. (Hysterectomy - removed ovaries looked like deflated grapes.)
  2. What I had done last semester seemed to work out fairly well for me. That being said... there are a few things I would do a bit differently. -start studying earlier than 2-3 days before the test/final... while it did work out and I made excellent grades, I'd like to feel a bit more confident in my knowledge than I did last semester. -READ!!! I had started out reading everything that was required and by the end of the term, I had completely abandoned that plan in favor of having that time to relax. Well, no more of that! -Starting assignments and finishing them as soon as possible, instead of the 'leaving it till the end' kinda thing I did last semester. It kind of bit in the butt around the end of the term. -Enjoy myself!! I did get caught up in some of the class drama and I kind of regret it.
  3. colta

    First Clinical - Feel totally lost.

    Thanks for all of the kind words everyone. I did speak with my clinical instructor, and she was really great in helping me set goals and answering questions that I had about how things work and what to do. I felt my clinical day today was much better because of it and I'm starting to get my 'clinical legs'. .... But yes, thanks for all the kind words... It really helped to buoy my confidence.
  4. Hey all, this is somewhat of a vent, but more of a plea for guidance. My class is currently in our first clinical. We're in nursing homes caring for geriatric patients and this is our first time out into the real world after a semester of theory and lab practice. Now, before we went out to clinical... I felt great! As far as marks go, I'm top of my class and I feel like I have a really good grasp on what we were taught. That being said... I feel like a total dummy when it comes to clinical. I'm nervous, terrified and feel like I don't know anything. I don't know what to do, what to say... and we're not even doing anything crazy... just bed baths, am care, feedings, ambulation and suppositories.... so nothing too major. I don't know if it's just me or what. None of the other students in my clinical group seem to mind. They're all doing great, while I still struggle on the most basic things. I dunno. I don't know if maybe my lack of experience in the health care field (all of my clinical classmates were CNA's previously) or what? I mean, as far as myself goes... I've never been around an ill geriatric person, or someone who is severely mentally or physically handicapped, which I feel has been a huge part of my not doing well. Have any of you felt/feel this way? If so... how did you cope? Any words of wisdom would be very much appreciated... I feel like I'm drowning and this is only our first time out!
  5. colta

    Yay! First Semester is over!!

    Well, as far as this semester goes we were slammed with courses. We had six different classes a week, 8:30am to 4pm, plus lab... where we went over all the skills necessary for our clinical. So, I guess they just decided to lump our clinical all into one. We have two weeks where we're in the hospital/nursing home setting every week day. We're going to be there from 7-3, so five, 8 hour shifts a week. It's going to be my first time in the clinical setting and my first time really working in the clinical environment... I've been a patient plenty of times, but never the care giver! The nursing home I'm going to is a fairly large facility and I'm really nervous, I hope I do well! As far as care plans go, we were pretty lucky. We don't have to do up care plans, but we do get patient assignments and have to be aware of everything going on with our patient, including dx, tx, meds and all that good stuff. We haven't really gone over the whole process of making a care plan... we've done one, but I think the raeson for that is because of how my class is setup. My class is also a LPN student/PSW (personal support worker) mix... so there is about 16 lpn students and 20 PSW students. Next semester we are doing another week or two week long grouping of clinicals and then when we split up from the PSW students in April, we have another two week clinical block in the hospital. It's really great how they've set it up in my opinion... having classes and clinical at the same time would completely mess me up! Especially with 6 courses. ... That was actually part of the reason our instructors decided to hold our final exams before clinical... so we could be able to retain the information and do well on them. But that all being said, next semester, our skills work is done without the PSW's so we'll be learning much more advanced skills. (catheters, wound care/dressings, IV's, med pass, etc) But yeah, that's my course . From what I've read on here it does seem a bit different or unconvential from most schools. Thanks for asking about!
  6. Hi all! I just wanted to celebrate a bit... I've finally made it through my first semester of nursing school! ... My exams are all done and over with and now we're on to two weeks of clinical! The clinical group I'm going with is going to a local seniors facility with 81 patients and a very big mix of full-care to fully mobile patients with varying levels of dementia and whatnot... it's going to be a great learning experience! We start on Monday! I'm also so very very excited about my overall average right now! I'm rocking a 92% average for my 6 courses! So yeah, you could say I'm excited and very happy!!:monkeydance: So yeah... haha, I just wanted to share my excitement and my nervousness about my upcoming clinical! If anyone has any advice, I'm all ears!
  7. colta

    Fall 2010 Classes!!

    It's so interesting to see what everyone is going to be taking this upcoming semester. I can't wait to start. Classes for me start on Sept 7th. I'm going through a 20 month (with summers off) LPN course through my local community college. This is what my schedule looks like: Monday 0830 -1030 - Anatomy and Physiology 1045 -1230 - Healthy Living 1330 -1600 - Intro to Nursing Concepts and Skills (lecture) Tuesday 0830 -1230 - Anatomy and Physiology 1330 -1600 - Elder Care Nursing Concepts Wednesday 0830 -1230 - Interpersonal Communication 1330 -1600 - Medical Terminology Thursday 0830 -1600 - Intro to Nursing Concepts and Skills (lab) Friday 0830 -1030 - Healthy Living 1045 -1230 - Anatomy and Physiology 1330 -1600 - Skills Theory or Lab Time. So that's my schedule. I think it's a bit intimidating... but I'm pretty sure I'm going to enjoy it. I've waited a long time for this and wish the next couple weeks would just hurry up and get here. I register and get my photo ID and whatnot from the school on Monday, so that'll be nice and then I have orientation from the 1rst to the 3rd of Sept. Until then it's just buying school supplies and checking out my books . Oh and I start my first clinical the last two weeks of December before christmas break.
  8. colta

    Blue Scrubs vs Green Scrubs at my school book store

    I wish I had the option!! haha, we have to wear white scrubs, but we luckily get to wear whatever color we want when we do labs in the school...
  9. colta

    How many uniforms should I buy?

    The program I'm attending requires us to to wear scrubs during class/labs, and then we have class 5 days a week. So I plan on getting at least 3 colored pairs of scrubs for class. After that, we have 2 full weeks of clinical for the first semester, so I'll be getting 6 pairs of white scrubs, so I'm safe for the week. I'm a huge worrier and I don't want to leave myself hanging with white scrubs. I can see some not so white stains in my future . I also plan on getting some white, long sleeve shirts to wear underneath. I tend to get cold in the hospital, and I just prefer to have something underneath the scrub top.
  10. colta

    At what age did you decide on nursing?

    I am starting Nursing school for my lpn this fall... I'll be 21. I had originally never even considered nursing or anything in the medical field for that matter, as a career. I was in and out of hospitals so much as a child, I despised the whole institution. I ended up going for my animation degree straight out of highschool and I hated every minute of it. I ended up leaving, and while looking through the colleges available courses, I came upon nursing. It just seemed to click, and now that I've grown up a bit, my dislike for the medical field has turned a complete 180. I do feel kinda foolish for not figuring it out sooner, and for wasting so much time in high school, not getting my pre-req's... but what can you do? I'm glad I'm starting.... and even though I'm 21, I still feel like I wasted A LOT of time. Ironically enough though, I am the youngest person in my class Ah well, best of luck to everyone, no matter what age you are!
  11. colta

    How long is your LPN Program??

    My program is 18 months long, with summers off. 830 am to 430 pm m-f.... oi, that's going to be rough!
  12. colta

    A Typical Week at Nursing School?

    I haven't started my classes just yet (not until Sept), but I do know what classes I'll be taking. I'm in an 18 month LPN program... so it's not the same as an RN course, but I figure every little bit of knowledge helps. So, I'll be taking 6 classes, A+P, Skills Lab, Elder Care, Communication, Med Terminology and Fundamentals of Nursing. We start clinical a few weeks into the semester, we do 2 full weeks of clinical from 7am - 12pm and then go to class afterwards.
  13. colta

    The retro nurse's outfit has returned

    I think nursemike meant that it was a backwards idea that if patients can't tell difference, to up and change the nurses uniforms and not the housekeepers. Don't take my word for it though, thats just what I got from it.
  14. colta

    Sept 2010 Roll call LPN Programs!!!

    Congrats to all that have been accepted! I've been accepted for a 20 month (2 year) LPN program through my local community college. It's a great school (New Brunswick Community College - Miramichi), located in eastern Canada. I'm so excited to start and I cannot wait for summer to get over so I can start school... FINALLY! I plan on taking a Medical Terminology course over the summer to get more acquainted with the lingo so I'm not completely out in space when we start learning about stuff in school. I also plan on buying all my supplies over the summer, especially my stethoscope! Even if I don't know how to use it, I sure want to play with it . Good luck to everyone! Just a few short months and we'll be actual nursing students! :clpty::dancgrp: :hpygrp:
  15. colta

    Celebrate Your Fall 2010 Acceptances Here!!!

    I got my acceptance in February for the local LPN program here. I'm super excited and can't wait to get going, I keep telling my husband (who graduates this June from the local college), that I can't wait for summer to get over so I can start school! We start Sept 7 and the class only consists of 25 students. It a very competitive program and I'm loving the small class size.... way more opportunity for one on one instruction. I also have a few friends that will be joining me, so I won't be totally on my own. I'm planning on slowly buying supplies and getting ready over the summer so I don't have to dump a huge amount of money all at once into books and supplies. The only downside for all of this is that my husband has to move 3 hours away for work because of his (hopefully) new job out of college. We'll be apart and only able to see each other on weekends/holidays. It's going to be rough, especially seeing how it will only be our 2nd year of marriage! But congrats to everyone that has gotten in, and best of luck to those still waiting. It's going to be a long summer, but this Aug/Sept is going to be the most interesting and challenging fall of our lives!
  16. For 2 years - 20 months About $6500.00 after tuition, books and supplies.... maybe an additional 50$ for immunizations, blood tests and physical. $3500.00 for the first year, $3000.00 for the second. Financial Aide - About $7000 a year for both years. Plus scholarships New Brunswick Community College Miramichi, New Brunswick Canada.