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Hey all... I've been lurking around for a while now, and finally got to get a start on my end goal of becoming a nurse. My 18 month LPN program just started this past Tuesday.... and I'm already overwhelmed!!:uhoh3:

We received some homework for today, chapters in A+P, Clinical Skills, Elder Care, and Healthy living... plus, we have a skills lab test tomorrow on proper hand washing technique (admittedly, not that hardest thing in the world) and a chapter of work to do in our A+P workbook. Just trying to read all the chapters alone is difficult, but trying to study them and glean any actual info from them just seems impossible! I know it's only the first real day of studying... I just can't seem to get any of it to stick!

Right now, I'm reading the chapters and then I plan on highlighting and writing down any seemingly important info... afterwards, outline the chapter and go over the notes I've made as well as the things I've highlighted. I don't know if anyone finds that to be an effective way to study... but if anyone has any suggestions I'm all ears! :D

Anyway, that's my vent for the night! I'm off to do more reading/studying!:nuke:

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I don't really have any study suggestions.. but wanted to offer you encouragement (you CAN do this! :) ) and tell you that no matter how overwhelmed you feel right now, do not let things 'slide' til later... it is really easy to get behind and catching up can be a real challenge.

Just hang in there... try everything you can come up with until you find something that works and stick with that... everyone learns a little differently than the person sitting next to them, so you have to just experiment and go with what works. :) But you CAN do it!

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I have 4 months left of my LPN program. What has helped me was take as many notes in class during lecture as possible. READ the day before you know you are going over the chapter so you kind of get a clue as to what is going on. After school take a 30min-1 hour break then read the chapter. Go through each section then go back and highlight. After all of this outline the chapter on the computer & make print out study guides for yourself. I also found that notecards work wonders during down time at work, clinicals, breaks at school. YOU CAN DO IT! don't give it. it's like an endurance test. I am a full time student (monday-friday) and I find that if i keep my backpack in my car friday night and do NOTHING school related on friday it helps me relax! good luck!

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