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  1. Note taking and organizing tips?


    The coloring books are DEFINITELY the way to go!! I'll be taking A&P 1 this fall also and plan on getting them. I just finished Micro. and used the coloring book for that, and let me tell you....it helped SOOOOOOOOO much!! I really hated takin...
  3. Note taking and organizing tips?

    Hi Missjen! I just started back to school 2 semesters ago (last degree was 11 yrs. ago). Here is what has worked for me: I take lecture notes in spiral notebooks and keep the class syllabus, handouts and quizzes/tests in a three-ring binder. When i...
  4. Microbiology - Summer 2005

    THANK GOD!!! Micro. is over for the summer!! I'm pretty confident that my final grades for lab and lecture will be "A's", and they didn't come easily. I studied my butt off and didn't have a summer at all...didn't even have time to get on the boar...
  5. What fields interest you?

    Labor/Delivery, Cardiology, NICU or PICU. I originally decided to go back to school for nursing because of my interest in labor/delivery. However, it seems like SO many people are also interested in the same thing. So, I'm starting to lean more to...
  6. Where do you study?

    I must be weird, because I usually can't study at home! I start thinking about all the housework that has to be done or keep getting interrupted by the phone...or get tempted to turn on the t.v.! LOL I'm 5 weeks into my first semester and have t...
  7. ??Songs for Inspiration??

    I LOVE Incubus!! :) :Melody: Angel
  8. ??Songs for Inspiration??

    "Breakaway" has inspired me too! That and Gwen Stefani's song, "What You Waiting For" both gave me the guts to change career directions and go back to school this semester. :) ********************************************* Lyrics from "What You W...
  9. LOL! Thanks for the advice! :chuckle Angel
  10. Marcie, It's NEVER too late to go for your dreams! My motto in life is: "NEVER have any regrets!", and I always strive to live up to it. I'm 34, and I've always tried to achieve every dream I've had so far, because I don't ever want to be on my dea...
  11. Thanks, Kelly! I will keep you posted. You do the same. :) I put a new welcome note on my cell phone screen that says: "Future RN...Never give up the dream!" to keep me motivated throughout the upcoming semester. Angel
  12. Thank you very much! :) Angel
  13. I've registered for my first pre-req's, got my student I.D. and parking permit...just have to get my books and a bookbag/backpack now. I start school on Jan. 10th. I only have to take 5 pre-req's over the next year (the others from my dental hygien...
  14. Thank you so much, guys! I really appreciate your responses! :) Angel
  15. Hey guys! I've been reading and posting on this board for the past year. I will be a pre-nursing student beginning in January, so please forgive my ignorance here. I've seen a few words used on the board here that I don't know anything about. If ...