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  1. I am currently trying the finalise a report I have been pushing back for the camp where I worked for the last two summers. At this camp, I am the only health care worker. I get 6ish days off during the summer like all other staff members but these days off are very stressful for me because I never know who will be in charge of the health center. We do not have nurses at our camp. Our accreditation asks for a minimum of 16 hours of first aid, I am a medical first responder with St. John Ambulance and have extensive first aid training. I also have years of experience working with kids. When I leave camp, they let pretty much any one replace me and multiple people will replace me in one day. They do very basic first aid, are only present in the health care center before meals and turn away most of the kids. I have been trying, for the last two years, to have one lifeguard stay in the health care center for the entire day (they could go out but wouldn't be put in charge of any activities). The direction and leading animation team just don't see my job as being that hard which of course it wouldn't be if I turned away half the kids, never kept the kids who need to stay in isolation, in isolation and didn't try to keep the health center clean and organised. I always come back to an extra day of work on my hands. For those of you who also work alone, how are days off handled? How can I get everyone to realise just how impossible they are making my job? I feel bad for the kids when I leave on my days off I still do because I need the time off but... I plan on going back next year and I want to get our new director to really understand the importance of having a good replacement system. Thank you!
  2. campmonkey

    End of Summer Report

    Thank you everyone! Anyone else have any ideas? I have a week left to put everything together while taking care of everything else that needs to be done. Wish me luck!
  3. campmonkey

    End of Summer Report

    Good morning everyone, For the first time this summer, our camp director (new from this summer) as asked for an end of summer report for the health center. It's my second summer and I am the only health care provider. No one is really sure what they would like included in this report. Would anyone mind sharing what they do at their camp as far as end of summer reports are concerned? Being the only one here and already being quite busy with my regular daily activities, I just don't know where to start. Thank you so much!!!
  4. campmonkey

    abrasions due to Ga Ga ball

    Our campers also play "gaga ball". Our camp is not in session yet but last year I had quite a large number of foot injuries from kids playing without their shoes on but no knuckle injuries. Our campers play on grass or grass/mud last summer with all the rain we had. And as you suggested, the playing in the dirt idea does only make wounds harder to clean. I don't know anything about the game so I can't really be usefull when it comes to suggesting a different playing surface but just wanted to let you know that you're not the only one dealing with "gaga ball" injuries.
  5. campmonkey

    Policy for Quarantined Campers/Staff

    Would you mind sharing what you have so far. I am also the only health care worker at the camp where I work, a Canadian camp based in Maine, and have been trying to set-up new procedures for quarantines. I would also add something about special meal accomodations if applicable. This was a big issue for me last year and I can't really be of any help here since I am still working on setting something up with the kitchen. Make sure you share your procedure with the kitchen before summer starts. Have a great summer at camp, I am leaving tommorow!
  6. campmonkey

    A Day In Your Health Center

    Thank you for your replies. DanaCharlee, I am with you on letting campers come during rest period so that they don't have to miss activities and I will discuss this with our leadership team before camp starts. They are the ones who have a problem with this. I am not someone who can nap so it's not really an issue for me as long as I can take a couple of minutes for myself after once the kids are out an about around camp. Awsmfun, I will try to see if I can do sick assessments after breakfast to calm the pre-breakfast rush. We will just have to see if counsellors accept that idea, I have a feeling it won't go so well! But I do think it would work better for me. Thanks again!
  7. campmonkey

    Where is Everyone Going To?

    I'll be spending the summer at Camp Tékakwitha, a French camp owned and operated by Canadians, in Maine. It will be my second summer.
  8. Who do you inform (director, counsellor, unit leaders, parents) when a camper has to remain in the health center for observation? When it's only for a couple hours? When it's for a more extended lenght of time?
  9. Alright, this is my last thread today! Seems I am on a roll, I can't wait for summer :) I am looking to set a few simple rules in the health center and suggest a couple of health rules around camp and would love to have some imput on it. Our health center is always open and everyone is used to just coming in and doing as they please! When I used to work as a camp counsellor, our camp infirmary had a few set rules that I liked. We took our shoes off at the door, a staff member always had to come in with the camper and voices had to be kept low. Only one camper was allowed in the nurse's office at a time. No one was allowed in the sick room (room with all the beds for the kids who had to stay), except when they were allowed to do so by the nurse. At the camp where I work now, everyone keeps there shoes one which made for horribly messy floors with all the rain we had this summer, talks has if they were still outside, campers are encouraged to come alone or with friends (yup, not just one of them!) and chaos can quickly build up if I'm not paying attention to the waiting hall, which means I have to keep my door wide open! Kids are always trying to come in together in my office which I only allow when they are friends and both need something and are willing to be seen together. The problem is the people who replace me will let 3-4 of them in at the same time!!! Everyone also feels like they can use the bathroom, which I do not allow but can't always manage in rush-hour and feel like they can go visit their friends in the sick room at any time. That last one really gets to me as I want this room to remain quiet and it serves as an isolation room for feverish campers. Our doctor, who by the way, wrote our isolation protocol, took a picture of one of my sickest kids surrounded by friends in that room while I was off. I was boiling when I saw that picture especially since half the cabin came down ith the same thing in the following days. So here are a couple ideas I want to glue to the wall this summer and make clear to counsellors before the summer begins. I would love to hear you rules :) 1. No shoes allowed! We have a nice porch where they can be left. 2. Inside voices only. 3. You may bring ONE friend, they will be sent away if too many people are in the waiting area :) (Do your campers come with staff members?) 4. The bathroom may only be used by sick kids and health center staff. 5. Consult with health center staff before entering sick room. I would also love to hear what general rules your camp uses to keep campers safe around camp. More specifically, what are your camp guidelines regarding: 1. Footwear 2. Water/Hydration 3. Sun protection 4. Handwashing 5. Etc. Thank you so much!
  10. campmonkey

    A Day In Your Health Center

    Would you mind sharing what a day looks like for you at camp? Last year, I was asked to set specific times for visits to the health center (which of course remains open for emergencies at all times) but it was hard to implement as everyone is very set in their own little routines. I plan on setting more specific times this year and making them clear before the campers arrive but I am still debating on what the best times would be. Here is what I tried last summer. Keep in mind that I am the sole person responsible of all first aid. I would love to see what others do 7:00 - Up for the day! 7:30 - Campers come in for morning meds, campers also come with all kinds of little complaints (lots of headaches and sore throats), most campers take their time and there is a big rush around 8:20 (told counsellors this needed to be fixed but nothing seems to work, ANY IDEAS!) 8:30 - Breakfast 9:00 - Campers are SUPPOSED to get ready for inspections but love to stop by :), call campers who have missed morning meds (how do you emphasised just how important it is for counsellors to send their kids at the right times?) 9:00 - 11:40 - Do admin stuff, cleaning, camping prep, etc. 11:40 - Free time for campers, lunch meds and open for all booboos 12:15 - Lunch 1:00 - Nap time, lots of campers think this is a good time to visit but staff doesn't! Do you prefer to see campers before or after lunch? Afternoon - Do admin stuff, cleaning, camping prep, etc. 5:40 - Free time for campers, dinner meds and open for all booboos 6:15 - Dinner 8:15 - End of activities for younger campers (8-13), evening meds and LOTS OF PROBLEMS :), busiest time of the day, some campers do not come and it is hard to get to them at this time and we can't use the speakers once the kids are in bed and I cannot really leave the health center at this time (once again, how do you emphasised just how important it is for counsellors to send their kids at the right times?) I have often ended up on cabin steps giving meds after having to wake some of the youngest once I was done with the other campers. 8:50 - Lights Out for younger campers (8-13) 9:30 - Staff Meeting, will often be called to give meds to older campers, homesick kids and other issues Closing - We don't have a set time for this since the older campers don't have a set bedtime, would it be OK to ask that they come down from their activities around 9-9:30 before the staff meeting or do you prefer they finish their activities before coming to you. In the last years, a lot of health personnel has let them keep their meds but I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE TO DO SO!!! We had a lot of fevers and overnight stays this summer so always having campers and staff with little problems waking in was an issue. I don't mind taking care of sore throats but it just seems like most of the kids are looking for a way out of the activities they don't like. Thanks!
  11. campmonkey

    Standing Medication Orders???

    Would anyone mind sharing their camp standing orders? The camp where I work as never had any and I would love to show an example to our visiting doctor to discuss setting up our own this summer. We have a consent form that all parents are required to sign and return to us before the beginning of camp and only administer the medications listed both don't have any specific guidelines to follow. Thanks!
  12. campmonkey

    recent ankle fracture camper staying at camp

    That would make me boil! At our camp, we keep campers with fractures if the camp director, the nurse or other person in charge of first aid, our doctor, the camper's parents and the camper feel it's in their best interest to stay at camp. We had 3 fractures at camp this summer and all of them stayed at camp. They only stayed in the infirmary when their cabin was away on camping trips and would otherwise come for medication, ice and shower time (we have a bath which was essential). I was against having one of them with a severe tibial fracture stay but she was a fighter, her cabin was awesome and were ready to do anything to keep her and our doctor finaly decided he would buy us a wheelchair so that her cabin could help her get around on longer "trips". It turned out great and we cannot wait to have that cabin back next year. It was a great bonding experience for them and a great preparation for their 7 days hiking trip coming up this summer. We did have two seniors stay in the infirmary for LONG periods of time (up to two weeks), one during each of our sessions following hiking injuries. Both our doctor and myself were against it. They stayed in the infirmary at night but we did get them to join other groups/help out around camp. There was no way they were staying inside all day watching TV. We actually don't have TVs at camp so they spent their time in the infirmary reading :)
  13. campmonkey

    Health Center hours

    I can't really answer any of your questions had I am the only permanent health staff on site. I am trained as a Advanced Medical First Responder. We also have a pediatric ER doc who stays at camp for most of the summer but he only sees the patients I refer to him. I am in charge from the time our campers get up to the time they go to bed. I am also the one in charge when something happens at night. This only happened a couple of times last year. The normally just come and knock on my door as I sleep in the health center. I get 12 hours off every 7-10 days like everyone else. I would to know how other nurses that are alone manage time off. During our first session, a mom/nurse who visits camp and once worked as the camp nurse replaces me when I'm off or have to go to appointments/ER. It's a little bit harder during our second session when different camp leaders replace me. I think I am going to try training 2-3 staff to replace me this summer. I was told I didn't have to do this last year (my first time) but it didn't turn-out so well.
  14. campmonkey

    Health Center Manual

    I am new to camp nursing. I did it for the first time this summer and absolutly loved it. There was just one problem, the lack of directions. They showed me the health center and left me to decide most things; I was the only nurse, with one doctor being available for special questions. This is a camp where most of the staff and campers are returning staff and campers and so they can be pretty attached to the ways that things have been done. So I was left to my own device but had to figure out how things had been done in the past. There were no guidelines for meds distribution, overnight stays, hours for consultations, etc. I want and have been encouraged to make up a manual with all the info future nurses could use (hours, meds, camp activities, isolation procedures, general intervention guidelines, etc.) but have a hard time figuring out where to start and was wondering if any of you had a sample manual like this that you wouldn't mind sharing. I am also looking for suggestions concerning: - Pre-camp first aid training and info to counsellors and other staff - Times of operation for health center - Meds distribution - Isolation procedures - Standing orders - Rules in the health lodge (do you require the kids be accompanied by staff? and any other rules) - First and last day procedings (do you do head checks? how do you do them if you do?) - What kind of documentation do you use for meds, simple injuries, larger injuries? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I want to get this all organised before the summer because even if I had tons of ideas during the summer, I simply had no time to do so. Thanks a lot!