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  1. sunkissed75

    HIPPA violation?

    I was watching a rerun of Criminal Minds where the blond tech girl gets shot by her date. Anyway... the rest of the team is in the waiting room while she is in surgery and when the surgery is done the doctor comes out and tells the whole group how the surgery went and her prognosis. Maybe I'm on this site too much, because whenever I see things like this my first thought is always HIPAA violation!! Would this be considered a violation?
  2. sunkissed75

    reading doctor's orders

    We watched a Mosby video last week about medication errors. The acting was horrible, but what was really unbelievable was how neat the doctor's orders were! They were printed with nice, even letters and numbers. I almost laughed out loud when I saw it. Why can't life be like a Mosby video....
  3. sunkissed75

    Could it be...don't have to take Chemistry? :)

    unfortunately you can't escape chemistry!! chemistry will most likely be included in your biology classes! it probably won't go into great depths, but you will need to know all about chemical elements and chemical bonds. buffers and the ph scale are important to know as well. acid-base balance is especially important because this is the foundation for homeostasis. i am taking ns part time and my first biology class was with a nursing foundations class. i put all my time and energy into focusing on getting excellent marks in the nursing class because i thought it was the most important. (since i want to be a nurse! at the time it seemed obvious!!) i basically let my biology slide because i figured, unless i was going to be a heart surgeon did i really need to know the conduction system of the heart??!! the answer is..... yes!!! :smackingf pay attention... it might not seem like it at the time.... but all that information in biology that you may think is a waste of time, is actually so important... it really is the foundation for everything nursing. goodluck!!
  4. Here's an article about how a lot of cancer patients run out of EI before their treatments are done. I didn't realise EI benefits for sickness are only 15 weeks long. Thankfully when my husband was battling cancer he had coverage from his work. However, even that was only 60% of what we were used to and five years later we are still struggling financially because of it. http://ca.news.yahoo.com/cancer-patients-lose-ei-during-treatment-181714797.html Imagine if our cancer patients had to worry about the added cost of treatments as well.
  5. sunkissed75

    Vulnerable Position Screening (Police Check)problem

    One of my classmates has something on his record check too. He said something about an appeal, but it's going to cost $700 or something. I can't really remember. Also, I think he might have said something about soon you you won't be able to appeal because of a new law or regulation or something. It might be worth looking into, cause if that's the case you may want to deal with it now. BTW.. I'm in Ontario too ps.... sorry my memory is so fuzzy on this but I'll try and find out exactly what he said.
  6. sunkissed75

    Men in Nursing Calendar

    That's because it is!! But, it's for fun and could be a great way of raising money! Seriously, dude... Have you never had a poster of someone 'hot' hanging on a wall or in a locker??
  7. sunkissed75

    Men in Nursing Calendar

    i'd hang one on my wall! :loveya:
  8. sunkissed75

    School parents want girl with peanut allergy sent home

    In my community all schools are peanut free. I remember, before I had kids, my girlfriend saying that her daughter's school was nut free. At first I thought this was absurd as a pbj sandwich is usually a staple for most lunchboxes!! I mean it's cheap and kids love it.... how could this be?? Just because one or two kids has an allergy dosen't mean all kids should suffer... does it??!! However, peanut free schools are now the norm, no one thinks twice about it! And because it has been in place for over 10 years (at least) kids don't even know what they are missing. It has always been a non issue with them!! I am sure there may have been a few dissapointed kids the first week or two this concept was implemented, but kids are adaptable and like another poster said it's not like they can never have a pbj sandwich ever again!! Also, I think most kids are sensitive to the needs of other students, especially at the primary ages where nut free is the most important. In the older grades kids with the allergies know enough about their condition to not trade their yucky bolonga sandwich with a classmates yummy, potentially hazardous sandwich. This really is about education for the parents of the non allergic kids!! I can't believe I was so thoughtless in my thinking before! Seriously... so what if my kid can't have pbj... they can still have jelly! How about a honey sandwich or egg salad. Why even a sandwich? There are so many cost friendly lunch ideas all one has to do is google it and their kids will have the best lunch in the lunchroom!!!
  9. sunkissed75

    Increase abuse of Bath Salts

    i am always a little weary when i see articles like this in the news because i think it gives people (kids, mainly) ideas. it's cheap, it's basically legal and very easy to get. yes, a news story like this is informative, but i also think it can be hazardous by helping to make this drug become more popular amoung young people. i think this about a lot of things... there have even been a few episodes of dr. phil on the dangers of this or that and parents beware, that have made me go; 'why are you showing this... do you know how many kids are going to go out and try this now???' maybe it's just me...
  10. sunkissed75


    How about this website? http://quizlet.com/1649922/fluid-electrolyte-acid-base-balance-terms-flash-cards/
  11. sunkissed75

    Random sentences in textbooks

    seriously though.... who hasn't chewed on a piece of tinfoil??
  12. sunkissed75

    Medical shows...

    however.....!!!!! a couple of weeks ago when cuddy's mom was in the hospital and her heart stopped, cuddy ran over to her bedside and shouted; "nurse"!!! woot woot!! (whatever that means!!!)
  13. sunkissed75

    Medic Sued For Swiping Foot From Crash Victim

    Oh boy!! Hmmmm.... I wonder how she explained to her friends and family what she was being charged with??? That would be an awkward conversation!!!!
  14. sunkissed75

    Random sentences in textbooks

    hahaha.... now i won't be able to read a textbook without looking for odd sentences!! op... i'm actually glad you posted about the cells being squishy because up until now i was comparing them to bricks!!
  15. sunkissed75

    Marathon CPR session saves a life

    What an incredible story!! More than 20 people performed CPR on a dying Minnesota man for more than an hour and a half in what is believed to be the longest successful resuscitation ever performed outside a hospital. Howard Snitzer, 54, had just finished a workout one January evening and stopped to buy some groceries on his way home in the little town of Goodhue, Minn., where he lives. Before he could reach the store, however, he suffered a massive heart attack and collapsed on the sidewalk. Full Story: http://www.healthzone.ca/health/newsfeatures/article/950974--town-saves-heart-attack-victim-with-marathon-cpr-session