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  1. veggieLPN

    CPNE Prep

    Can I ask you when you applied for the CPNE and what your date is? I've been hearing about very long wait times. There are a lot of good groups on facebook. DO NOT waste your money on the flashcards, it's just the CPNE study guide printed out on small cardstock. I bought them and totally regret it. I'm planning on going to the ATL workshop in October or November. I've heard good things about it.
  2. veggieLPN

    FCCA 274A

    I just want to say that I found this thread SO helpful. I also use an academic coach and I find it very helpful. I am currently studying for both FCCAs. Many people have said studyguide 101 will get you through it, well I find it lacking, not horrible, but lacking. I got a hold of the Basic Nursing textbook immediately after reading this thread and I feel so much better.
  3. veggieLPN


    Week 8 is coming soon! I am done with all modules for one of the courses, and still have 2 left for the other. I requested the 28th off from work so i would have plenty of time to do both comprehensive exam.
  4. veggieLPN

    Hardest EC Exam

    LS2 and Repro were the hardest for me.
  5. veggieLPN

    Reproductive Health

    I'm currently studying for this too after putting it off for...months. I'm using content guide, Saunders, and the recommended text (old edition) right now to study.
  6. veggieLPN

    Recent experiences

    I just passed Transitions today with a record low study time of 4 days. Still have Reproduction and LS3 left. I'm hoping that it's not too unrealistic to try and pass them both by October 14th. If I make the deadline, I will be enrolling in both FCCA classes at the same time.
  7. veggieLPN

    Passed LS2...(exhale)

    Congrats on a job well done!
  8. veggieLPN

    Recent experiences

    I'm trying to get mine done before the testing format changes too. Also, before the deadline for the next FCCA.
  9. veggieLPN

    I couldn't do it, but that doesn't mean you can't!

    Thanks for your honesty. I believe that this program, especially the credit by exam program, is meant for people who enjoy self-teaching/self-learning and have a history of doing better on tests than on traditional homework. I spent a two year break due to procrastination, a job promotion, and general feelings of "I can't do it." I'm proud to say I'm back on track and have passed 2 exams in the past 2 months. I have 3 remaining. My advice for those currently enrolled is to dive right in to nursing courses with a practice exam. It lets you know exactly what you are in for, and lets you know exactly where you stand before even picking up a book, downloading a study guide, etc. Also, set rules for pacing yourself. I have a friend taking courses at an accelerated brick and mortar Nursing school. I pace myself by trying to finish my courses in the same time frame as her courses. If it's a subject I'm struggling with, I allow myself double the time she has. The excelsior program is very forgiving, if you fail a course once, even twice, you are allowed to retake it. I've found allnurses to be a great source of information and support. If you feel lost or confused about the program, just pick up the phone and call an advisor. This has always been helpful for me. Sorry to hear that you couldn't make it all the way through. Again, thanks for sharing your story.
  10. veggieLPN

    LS 2 ...umm?

    Update on LS2 - I took it today and I passed with a B! Not bad, for 13 days! I used studyguide 101 and the Practice Exams to study.
  11. veggieLPN

    How do you fund your education?

    I'm taking the exam route, and I have to say it is a very cheap option. I work 32 hours a week as an LPN and that covers my Excelsior expenses. I am worried about the price of the CPNE, but hopefully I'll qualify for tuition reimbursement at my job by the time I take it. If not, there is a CPNE payment plan offered by Excelsior.
  12. veggieLPN

    LS 2 ...umm?

    I've scheduled my exam for this Friday. Thankfully, I have had plenty of free time to study. I only started this course 10 days ago, but I feel pretty confident that if I sat for it today, I could pass. I've taken most of my exams with 2 weeks of study time, with the exception of LS1 which took me over 4 months. Hopefully my remaining exams (LS3, Transitions, and Repro) will all squeeze into 2 weeks each as well.
  13. veggieLPN

    LS 2 ...umm?

    I just took practice exam B after a week of studying. I got a horrible 48% on pratice exam A. I got a 61% on practice exam B. Looks like I still need another week of studying Curse you, Metabolic Mechanisms!
  14. I think, as the original poster put, the ability to keep your head down and say "yes mam" is a big one. At the risk of sounding sterotypical, I want to say that I've seen a lot of promising young men kicked out of some programs due to their inability to do just this. That being said, a lot of nursing schools have rules that feel like they came from the 1950s and they expect everyone to act like a proper young lady despite the fact that their classrooms are filled with fiercely independent women and even (gasp) men. I also agree with the poster who said "don't take it personally" and I'd like to take it one step further by saying "don't let it eat you up inside." Someone forced you to take the wedding ring you haven't taken off in 10 years, you got kicked out of class for smelling like cigarette smoke, kicked out of a clinical for wearing the wrong socks, you have a quiz coming up where all the "right" answers go against every moral fibre of your being. The good students not only say "yes, mam." They find a way to get over the anger, the blow to your self esteen, etc and come back the next day with the same attitude they did in the first week of class. Successful nurses also go to the right nursing school for them. Atheist at a Catholic College? At a school where minorities are treated "different"? Social anxiety in a school where study groups and group projects are mandatory? Have a mood disorder, or are emotional/more sensitive than most and going to a scool where nursing students are known to be seen crying in the halls and lounges on a regular basis? Find out about your prospective school and if something big doesn't match with you, find another one. If you're already at one with a similar problem, transfer out to one that makes it easier for you to be successful. Keep yourself mentally healthy, follow the rules, keep your head down and say "yes mam," don't take things personally, go to the right school for you and you will be successful. (All the examples in this post come from my own experiences and those that I've witnessed with my classmates. I did not make them up.)
  15. veggieLPN

    LS 2 ...umm?

    I'm studying for LS2 right now as well. I'm hoping to get this one done in about a month. Not too worried about the psych parts as it's one of my favorite topics and I already took an RN psych class and clinical at a brick and mortar school. The rest I'm relying on SG101 and my Saunders for. Please let me know if anyone finds any good lectures or videos on the med-surg topics. I've read in older threads that the practice exam helps, at least one person said that they found the real test easier than the practice test. Not sure if that's true, but I sure hope it is.
  16. veggieLPN

    NCLEX Practice Questions

    Well to answer my own question, it seems your scores on Saunders practice questions correlate pretty well to the score you will get on the exam. I passed the LS1 exam today with a C. On to LS 2!