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  1. Is it allowed in the US for Foreign Educated Nurse Practitioners to practice? educated in (Ireland, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand etc)
  2. Hi, can you please share the salaries of Clinical Research Associates and Clinical Research Coordinators. Please also include details such as state, company or university or hospital, specialization, country and years of experience. Thanks. :)
  3. Hello people I would just like to know the comparision of working as a nurse in aus and nz. In terms of salary, cost of living and education, environement and etc (if you can add). Which is better? Thank you.
  4. Hello I'm a Filipino Nurse in the philippines with one year hospital experience in a tertiary hospital-Critical Care Unit. I just want to know on how to become a nurse in switzerland?
  5. Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    very not true don't trust this trick!~ !! better study hard and pray and hope for the best!
  6. Passed NCLEX stopped at what number?

    Thank you.. guys please post where you stopped if you passed the nclex exam..
  7. Passed NCLEX stopped at what number?

    St6opped at 225 and passed it march 19, 2009.. (=
  8. Passed NCLEX stop at what number?

    St6opped at 225 and passed it march 19, 2009.. (=
  9. I'm an RN!!

  10. 225 Questions and I PASSED!!!

    March 19, 2009 YES I PASSED!!! YAHOO!!! (=:dncgcpd::clphnds:
  11. i passed

    I passed at 225 !!!!!!!! :dncgcpd:
  12. Try Not to Panic Over NCLEX!

    The site is very helpful.. so you mean you just studied 1 week? aw..genius
  13. There was an agency who called me who is offering this CAS training in order to work for Australia is this true? The program says you need to pay about 240 000 pesos and you will undergo a training and review to take the written and clinical exam in ...
  14. TIPS/Info for passing NCLEX

    is it also useful to use saunders and davis?
  15. California and licensure for both PN and RN

    so the answer is is it good to have my license when i passed nclex for reciprocity because of the recession? (i dont have ssn yet)