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  1. NeekNurse

    Typical day at a wound care center

    I am hired at a wound care clinic that is hospital based, there are 2 hyperbaric oxygen chambers, and 4 other RN's. I haven't started yet, and while I asked a lot of questions about the work environment during the interview, I still am not sure what a typical day for a RN would be like in one of these clinics. They described the daily routine as "structured" but hectic. A RN is assigned as either an intake or an outtake nurse for that day. If anyone has worked at a wound care center, did you like it, and if so, what about it did you like? Alternatively, if you didn't enjoy the work environment, why not? What is a typical day like? Any insight is greatly appreciated!
  2. NeekNurse

    Wound care work opportunities

    Marcos9999, I am on a similar career path, also in the Bay Area. Ive checked around for volunteer work at 2 wound clinics in the area, one didn't respond and one said they don't take volunteers due to hipaa violations. Would you mind private messaging me the clinic you volunteered in, or state the city? Thanks!
  3. NeekNurse

    Turnung down 3rd HH case

    Thank you caliotter3 for your response! I havent decided to reject the case yet, still deciding.
  4. NeekNurse

    Turnung down 3rd HH case

    I had been out of nursing for 5 years due to living abroad and having a baby, but after taking a refresher course for RNs, i was hired on by an agency. They've been good to me and i am just so thankful to be back in the game. However, i have to start out as a school nurse or a wellness clinic nurse because I only have 11 months experience total, and they require 1 complete year. They sent me out to meet family #1. They were great. The only problem is, they wanted me 6am and they lived far from me. With my own baby, sometimes nights can be rough, so i asked for a more local case. I went to another family #2. I liked them as well. However, the mom said she had a school nurse already and we both didnt know what i was doing there! Comical, and embarrassing... So, off to family #3 a few months later. I havent met them yet, but i am panicking because they live in a ..for lack of better adjective..."bad" neighborhood and I'm a bit leary of it. AND this family lives *farther* than family #1!! I would just be afraid if i turned this case down, the agency would give up on me and be annoyed. Please if anyone has any experience with agencies, are recruiters pretty understanding, or do they give up on you after a while?
  5. NeekNurse


    Thanks so much for answering my question! Actually I don't mind spending 6mo to a yr in this setting since my first, first job out of school was in adult day care, which, while a challenge in its own set of ways, also has no business being the first job on a new grad's resume. So I am looking fwd to all the hands-on procedures. Thanks again for your reply!
  6. NeekNurse


    Does anyone know if in LTAC one starts many IV's since most patients have longer term lines? thanks
  7. NeekNurse

    Question about job duties as a LTAC RN

    I just was hired as a new grad to a Long Term Acute Care (LTAC) hospital and I have one week to prepare: Review disease process, etc, and was wondering if anyone knows if there are there frequent IV starts in long term care settings? I would think most patients would have PICC, Port-A- Caths or other semipermanent lines since the more temporary peripheral IV starts are only good for 72 hours, not long term. I was hoping to finally get some IV start experience since that skill I am lacking. ANY help to answer my question, especially from those who work in LTAC settings, is GREATLY appreciated!! Thanks in advace.
  8. I am a relatively new grad RN and worked in a hospital right after school. Needless to say, i dislike it very much. It's not that bad on an hour to hour basis, but I don't like the institutional environment. I went into nursing thinking I'd work in a doctor's office or clinic, but took the job in a hospital b/c it was the only place hiring. I had a job interview yesterday at an ADHC, the environment much more my thing. Except, I have no idea what I am getting myself into. During the interview, the administrator didn't ask me any questions about myself, such as strengths, weakness questions, though he was very nice, gave me a tour, introduced me to the social workers and the other RN and LVNs. I love the environment but I am hesitant to go from a stable hospital job to a family owned biz. Does anyone have any experience with ADHC's, and if so can you tell me your experience? I don't mind being busy and I don't mind working hard, I just don't want to be an octipus on rollerblades expected to be pulled 8 different ways like in the hospital. Any input GREATLY appreciated, thanks!
  9. NeekNurse

    I need help with a career dilemma

    I am in the same exact boat! I have a job in a med-surg unit and absolutely dread the night before, the nurses run around like chickens without their heads. One said, at 4pm, that she only had a vitamin and coffee and no lunch. No, thank you. I had an interview today for a laser hair removal nurse, they are willing to train (but not enough hours:(. So you might try the cosmetic industry. Also check out Adult Day Health Centers. They are often willing to hire new grads. I am going to try LTC's part time and laser nurse part time. I cannot deal with the hospitals, no siree. Good luck my friend!
  10. NeekNurse

    Skilled Nursing Facility to Hospital

    Hi, I am sorry I don't have an answer for you but I was hoping someone answered your question, because I am curious about the exact same thing. I am a new grad looking to work in a skilled nursing facility, but don't know if that would hurt my rsume/ work history. Did you ever find an answer?
  11. NeekNurse

    Huge Nursing School Debt!

    Hi, I think you should wait a year and move to the state to which you are applying. Seriously, that's a lot of debt and you will be thankful once you graduate that you won't owe a fraction of that. I owe a little less than that and just graduated and now have a job with income standard to the profession, however with the monthly student loan debt I am square one financially for the next 10+ years. You will be swimming in debt. So please wait the year! Meanwhile, you can research hardcore what area you'd like to go into, learn a foreign language that will help you in the area, or do something else constructive, but please don't let your motivation wane, but have patience.
  12. NeekNurse

    Skilled Nursing job question

    I am a New Grad and I am exploring other avenues of employment besides the hospitals. I was thinking of applying to Skilled Nursing or Adult Day Care facilities, I guess because they seem calmer in nature and more of a home environment, but I don't know much else about them. Does anyone know what these facilities are like? I don't really care about the hourly pay, I just want a relatively enjoyable place to work. Thanks!