Anyone know about what ADHC's are like?


I am a relatively new grad RN and worked in a hospital right after school. Needless to say, i dislike it very much. It's not that bad on an hour to hour basis, but I don't like the institutional environment. I went into nursing thinking I'd work in a doctor's office or clinic, but took the job in a hospital b/c it was the only place hiring. I had a job interview yesterday at an ADHC, the environment much more my thing. Except, I have no idea what I am getting myself into. During the interview, the administrator didn't ask me any questions about myself, such as strengths, weakness questions, though he was very nice, gave me a tour, introduced me to the social workers and the other RN and LVNs. I love the environment but I am hesitant to go from a stable hospital job to a family owned biz. Does anyone have any experience with ADHC's, and if so can you tell me your experience? I don't mind being busy and I don't mind working hard, I just don't want to be an octipus on rollerblades expected to be pulled 8 different ways like in the hospital. Any input GREATLY appreciated, thanks!


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Is it adult day care? There are a lot of acronyms out there. But that's what came to mind. Did they not give you a job description? I love older people but I don't think I'd like the day care situation.

Where I used to work at a hospital they also had an all encompasing senior care program of day care, medical office visits, follow up, surgical, hospice, hospital care etc. That would be my idea of the best.

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