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Turnung down 3rd HH case

NeekNurse NeekNurse (New) New

I had been out of nursing for 5 years due to living abroad and having a baby, but after taking a refresher course for RNs, i was hired on by an agency. They've been good to me and i am just so thankful to be back in the game.

However, i have to start out as a school nurse or a wellness clinic nurse because I only have 11 months experience total, and they require 1 complete year.

They sent me out to meet family #1. They were great. The only problem is, they wanted me 6am and they lived far from me. With my own baby, sometimes nights can be rough, so i asked for a more local case. I went to another family #2. I liked them as well. However, the mom said she had a school nurse already and we both didnt know what i was doing there! Comical, and embarrassing...

So, off to family #3 a few months later. I havent met them yet, but i am panicking because they live in a ..for lack of better adjective..."bad" neighborhood and I'm a bit leary of it. AND this family lives *farther* than family #1!!

I would just be afraid if i turned this case down, the agency would give up on me and be annoyed.

Please if anyone has any experience with agencies, are recruiters pretty understanding, or do they give up on you after a while?

The staffing personnel will give up on you eventually, but each situation is different. It depends on their business needs at the time and how many "workable" nurses they have available. Should you turn down this third case, I would make it a point to keep in touch with the agency on at least a weekly basis to remind them that you are still interested in working for them.

Thank you caliotter3 for your response! I havent decided to reject the case yet, still deciding.