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I am in my final semester of nursing school at CCM in New Jersey

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  1. jsnj2009

    Just got hired!!

    congrats and good luck!
  2. jsnj2009

    Just got hired!!

    I did an externhsip over the summer in the PACU. If you can do an externship, do it!! It has defintitely given me an advantage!
  3. jsnj2009

    Just got hired!!

    Thank you! and best of luck to you as well!!
  4. jsnj2009

    New Grad in the PACU?

    Thanks!! u too!! I have heard the same about critical care xperience. I have also heard that teaching hospitals are more likely to take you, esp if u have done an internship. I feel like teaching hospitals are great places for new grads, tho.
  5. jsnj2009

    Paying for school!

    hi...........u can defer your private loans until you graduate. I dont start repaying my private loans until 6 months after i graduate. The private loan is approved depending on ur credit score, but gets dispersed to the school and then gets sent to me. U can usually borrow up to the cost of tuition each year.(ex: if you yearly tuition is 15,000 including room and board, that is what you can borrow. That includes private and federal loans.)
  6. you just made my day!! we must go to the same school!
  7. I just finished my OB rotation...........please people........for the love of god i do not need to know every detail of your pregnancy and labor experience!! its not helping me pass my OB exam, so shut your pie hole!
  8. When i ask the professor a question........its not necessary that 15 people jump in with their opinion........if i wanted your opinion, i would have asked you!!
  9. jsnj2009

    Day One in the Life of a Nursing Student

    wow.......you really captured how alot of new students feel. Like a deer in headlights!! Getting over that hump is the hardest part. Now, when you are a nurse and see that poor nursing student........hopefully you will be an angel to him or her!
  10. jsnj2009

    Paying for school!

    hi guys.......i am just finishing up nursing school. I had to pay for everything(rent, tuition, etc)all by myself. I would immediately go to your school's financial aid department. They will guide you thru the process of obtaining financial aid, and they can advise you about private loans as well. I received stafford loans and also private loans thru wachovia and pnc bank. Best of luck!
  11. jsnj2009

    New Grad in the PACU?

    Hello all! I will be graduating nursing school in May 2009!! Whoopie! I did a summer externship in the PACU and loved it! I was wondering what my chances of being hired as a new grad in the PACU were? Does anybody know of any hospitals that hire new grads in the PACU? I would be willing to relocate. Thank you for your input.
  12. jsnj2009

    Forensic nursing in New Jersey

    Hello all! I will be graduating nursing school in May!! YAY!! I keep hearing about this upcoming field of forensic nursing. It sounds very interesting. If there are any forensic nurses in New Jersey, can you tell me how to enter this field? Seems like it might be hard to break into because it is such a new field of nursing. Thank you in advance for your input.
  13. alot of hospitals in nj are too........hopefully by the time i graduate they will pick up........i will keep your hospital in mind. Do they have an application process for new grads?? I would love to be in manhattan. What is the starting pay rate for your hospital?? (if you dont mind me asking!!)
  14. thanks!! may i ask what hospital you are working at?? i have applied to valley, hackensack and barnabas......any other suggestions
  15. hi all!! I am in my final semester of nursing school!! graduating in may of 2009!! yay!! I am really interested in getting into the OR upon graduation. My first question is: will a summer externship in the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit help me get my foot in the door? My second question is: everyone tells me to do a year of med-surg before going into the OR?? Any thoughts on this?? thanks everyone!!
  16. jsnj2009

    salaries for duke and UNC hospitals

    thank you for your honesty on this matter.........i appreciate your feedback!

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