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  1. Waiting for results STINKS!

    bjz823... it isn't "you need this many right" vs. "you need this many right" kind of test. it's confusing... but it's a percentage of those questions and the percentage that you need right is kind of up in the air. and i think it is only 15 of the qu...
  2. New mom AND new grad

    I have been out of school since August of '07 and am just about to take my NCLEX this month... on the 16th, to be exact. At first I had some family issues that made it difficult to take the test. (my mom was sick... we had to move from the house we o...
  3. Got My Letter

    Congratulations! My school has a two and half year waiting period...
  4. Anybody else feeling bad??

    Sadly, it only gets worse when you actually get into the nursing program. My school did split clinicals. We would do on campus stuff in the morning and clinicals at the hositals at night. There were days when I left a sleeping baby at home and came h...