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Jenifer819 has 6 years experience and specializes in OR, Peds: ED, float pool; ED, PACU.


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  1. Jenifer819

    UTHSC at Houston FNP MSN Interview vs Acceptance

    I think you're right...the pictures are to put a face with the name.
  2. Jenifer819

    UTHSC at Houston FNP MSN Interview vs Acceptance

    I got email for interview last Wednesday and interviewed the following day. She said they will be mailing out acceptance packets the week of 4/15. She said you should receive something in the mail by 4/19. There are approx. 180 applicants for 100 s...
  3. Jenifer819

    Why Do Nurses Write: "no new orders received"?

    I will write 'no new orders written' in nursing notes for a few reasons 1) to let the RN's know I am aware of all doctor's orders. I also always write...will continue to monitor. It is CYA. I never thought that it was a dig on the MD's.. 2).just ...
  4. It is standard for the supervisor to wait to discuss with the staff following the peer interview. Also, a tour is generally done with the interview. I have sent a thank you note following the interview. Good luck to you!!! It is out of your ...
  5. Jenifer819

    Why is my pt's blood glucose so high?

    good he on steroids??? as a type I diabetic, I don't usually take steroids b/c of SE of hyperglycemia.
  6. Jenifer819

    Why is my pt's blood glucose so high?

    I am a type I diabetic on insulin pump. My BG climbs when I have an infection. Viruses usually don't effect my BG's, but everyone is different. Maybe ask to have his WBC's checked. UTI, maybe??
  7. Jenifer819

    My Dilemma...What would you do??

    I say to follow your gut. Imagine yourself five years from now as an RN or five years from now as a dietician. How do you feel after imagining each one? may seem trivial and silly, but I believe my gut. If it is what you're supposed to wil...
  8. Jenifer819

    Phlebotomy question for ER nurses

    Hi! I work in the Peds ED in NM and we don't use phlebotomists. We do the IV starts (usually on everyone) and get blood at the same time from cannula. phlebotomists where I work. I did work at Texas Children's in Houston and they had phl...
  9. Jenifer819

    Houston Texas

    what specialty would you like to work??? if peds..then definitely Texas Children's, if trauma, then big names at med ctr....Memorial Hermann...Ben Taub...
  10. Jenifer819

    Conscious Sedation in the ER

    I work in Peds ER. I have seen Versed and Ketamine used.
  11. UNM Children's Hospital, Albuquerque, NM, February 20, 2009 ($30.37/hr - day shift). Not sure night shift as I only work days. If you work for staffing within the hospital, you make $35.00/hr
  12. Jenifer819

    Associates Degree (AD) vs BSN

    I worked at Texas Children's a few months after graduating with my ADN. It wasn't an issue.
  13. Jenifer819

    applying to lone star colleges for fall 09

    Can you change your first choice to North Harris? they take 100 students (if I'm not mistaken). I graduated from Tomball ADN program in May '07. I loved it! After we graduated there was a huge turnover with the director and some of the instructor...
  14. Jenifer819

    Will a hospital pay for me to go to nursing school?

    Nikki, First of all, good for you on a having your educational and career path all mapped out when you're a senior in HS!!! Okay, I rec'd my ADN from Tomball College (aka Lone Star as it's now called) in May '07. I applied for scholarships and rec'...
  15. Jenifer819

    Tomball Regional Medical Center as a GN

    I started at Tomball Hospital as a GN. what dept. are you interested in?