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  1. jessthelvn

    Best CPNE Sites

    I just finished all my NC classes (all passed without and failures WAHOO!). I am getting ready to sign up for my CPNE, and I will likely have to fly to get there, because I want to take the CPNE ASAP. Is there any testing centers that I should avoid? I live in Cali and the SoCal centers are booked until July. I am thinking Texas... any opinions? Thanks! Jessica
  2. jessthelvn

    Exclesior Practice Tests

    I have passed NC1 and NC2 easily, but the tests seem to be getting more progressively difficult. Can anyone recommend a source of practice tests for each NC exam (besides excelsiors tests)? Thanks!
  3. I took the NC1 online practice test without studying and I got 71% of the answers correct. Is this enough to pass. I know EC does some type of adaptive scoring, but what is passing? Thanks! Jessica
  4. jessthelvn

    P.L.A.T.O. loan questions...

    Has anybody here used a PLATO loan to finance excelsior. I am getting ready to sign up for it and I was wondering if anybody had any experiences (positive or negative) to share. Thanks! Jess
  5. jessthelvn

    Update! CA BON 12/05/03

    http://www.rn.ca.gov/news/news.htm EXCELSIOR COLLEGE UPDATE At the Board Meeting on December 5, 2003, the Board took the following action: Approve the eligibility of Excelsior College graduates applying for licensure as an RN, providing they meet the following requirements: 1. Must be an LVN 2. Must have 8 units or 360 hours of supervised clinical experience through a California approved program. The clinical areas required are to be in advanced medical surgical nursing, psychiatric nursing and geriatrics. 3. The practicums may be provided through the Open University option throughout California State University System, California Community College System or through Independent College System. 4. Comply with LVN to RN requirements under California law, Business and Professions Code Section 2736.6 and California Code of Regulations, Title 16, Section 1429. Such eligibility requirements will apply to students who enroll at Excelsior College on or after December 6, 2003.
  6. jessthelvn

    Any Word on the California BON 12/05/03 Meeting?

    I appreciate the information, but none of the sources listed tell what actually happened at the meeting, and if the BON agreed on the new requirements for Excelsior RNs. That is what I am looking for... but again- thanks for your time
  7. Has anybody heard anything about what the CA Board of Nursing decided at yesterday's meeting regarding Excelsior college? Thanks! Jess
  8. I'm trying to enroll at EC but I dont know whichn I should sign up for- the Associate in Applied Science (Nursing) or the Associate in Science (Nursing). What is the difference? Thanks!!!
  9. I have been an LVN in California for 3 years now and I have finally decided to take that step to an RN. I work on a Med -Surge floor and I feel that a transition to RN would be a good step for me now. I am in a hurry to enroll before December 5th because that is when the state is meeting to decide how much to increase the requirements for Excelsior grads that enroll after December 5th. I have about 15 Units of GE done from a local community college and I will be taking the rest with the CLEP, DANTES, and ECE exams. From there I just have to complete the Nursing Concepts classes and my Clinical Eval (which I am not too concerned with since I work on an understaffed Med-Surge floor already). So with that being said- any current enrollers or graduates have any words of wisdom before I send off my $825+ enrollment fee?
  10. jessthelvn

    LVN- RN through Excelsior ?'s

    Bill- I couldnt find your email address, so here is mine- jessicamessier@comcast.net Thanks for your help
  11. jessthelvn

    LVN- RN through Excelsior ?'s

    I am currently considering signing up with Excelsior to get my RN. I've been an LVN on the Med-Surge floor of a major hospital for 3 years now and I've decided to now get paid for what I already do anyways. My questions.... Besides pre-req's how many tests are there for LVN's to get their RN degree? I wish I could find a simple layout of course requirements- just a list of required classes. Does anyone know where I could find that? Thanks! Jess
  12. jessthelvn

    Cali BON UPDATE 10/17/2003

    If this was decided on Oct 17- how come we are just hearing about it now? And how do these requirements compare to the requirements before this decision? As you can tell I am looming into getting my RN and Excelsior is an option... Thanks Jess
  13. jessthelvn

    30 Unit Option in California LVn to RN

    Yes I am.
  14. I am an LVN in California and I am considering going back to get my RN. Has anybody here done this 30 unit option thing? It seems like a good thing- only 1 year of community college at a much lower cost than any other option I have seen. Plus I am nervous about the state no longer accepting Excelsior graduates. Any words of wisdom would be much appreciated. Thanks!!! Jess