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I have passed NC1 and NC2 easily, but the tests seem to be getting more progressively difficult.

Can anyone recommend a source of practice tests for each NC exam (besides excelsiors tests)? Thanks!

I found the SETH tests which are in the files sections of most of the yahoo nontraditional nursing student groups (try nontradnurses, for example) to be pretty helpful, although I was distracted by the somewhat goofy formating (my own personal bugaboo). There were very few errors, and those seemed easy to catch.

I did try the 5 tests for $29.95 from Excel Advantage (aka Academy of Nursing) and found them very inferior. I spent more time worrying because of the errors I found (and wondering about the ones I was missing and therefore the misinfo I was learning)....

The practice questions at the end of the study guide that Excelsior College puts out are also excellent. I generally saved those for just before my last study session, the day of the exam.

The exams did seem to get more meaty the further I went as well, but I chalked that up to there being more detail with which I was not sufficiently familiar. If you look at the notes in the yahoo groups' files, google everything you do not know inside and out, and find a way to enjoy reading the material, I think you will find you do very well.

I got all A's on my Excelsior College exams, and paid dearly for the last four with some serious "brain burn." I felt numb for a few hours afterward, although that could also have been the venti Starbucks I sipped before taking the exam.....

Good luck!!!!


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Something that really helped me a lot was Med/Surg Nursing Made Incredibly Easy on CD ROM. The disc has practice questions that are categorized with rationales. It's about $45, but well worth the $, because you can use it for almost all of the exams. And the questions are surprisingly close in format as the EC exams. I got mine on Amazon- you should check it out.

I second Chris's fried brain sentiment...lol. Those exams require one to soak in a ton of info!

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