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  1. ICantWait!

    Where are the phlebotomy courses??

    In or close to Memphis, Tennessee! I can not for the life of me find anything! Thanks for your help
  2. ICantWait!

    A wrench in my plans! :(

    My intended course of action was to to EMT to Paramedic.. I have always had a passion to be a paramedic since both my parents were.. and then later down the line take a paramedic-RN bridge! BUT I am currently 5 months pregnant and my EMT professors says I am a liability and cannot do his course! Soo I am trying to see if I can get a phlebotomy certification real quick but I can not find any in my area!! then maybe after that I'll go for my LPN.... can anyone help me out? I am in Memphis, Tennessee? Or any other advice would be great!
  3. ICantWait!

    LVN or RN! grrr!! HELP!

    Thanks you guys.. your right I guess I just have a really bad case of baby fever... I only need to get a few classes out the way before I can apply to a ADN program.. my problem is that I am so impatient! But I guess it will all be worth it to finnish school THEN have a baby
  4. ICantWait!

    LVN or RN! grrr!! HELP!

    Im going to be blunt here!! I want a child!! lol Ive been married for two years and I have baby fever bad!!! I know Im young (20) but I feel I am ready! I'm taking a medical office assitant course now!! anyways I want to be set in my career before having a child sooo I was thinking of taking the LVN route then bridging to RN.. my mom who is an RN(MSN) doesnt think I should do that.. she says go straight for the RN.. but that will be AT LEAST 3 years before I can get an ADN.. with the LVN I can get that in 14 months!! and just bridge later down the road.. I just want to have a family but also want to have a career.. can someone please give me some advice.. is it really THAT hard for LVN/LPN's to find work??
  5. I havent started my prereqs yet but I have withdrawn from a couple of other courses and dont want that in my transcripts.. Ive only completed one math class which I wouldnt mind taking again.. So should I just start over at a new community college? p.s. the classes I withdrew from werent nursing related courses
  6. ICantWait!

    Approved but not Accredited?

    There is a new nursing school in my city, it is a private school and they said their first batch of lvn's will graduate in february '10.. I talked to the woman on the phone and she said depending on how the class does in their exams will determine if the school gets accredidation and financial aid. I found the school on my states board of vocational nursing website, its Oikos university in California. The program is 20,800 which is relatively inexpensive compared to other PRIVATE schools in the area (im going the private route because all the public school near me are IMPACTED up to ying yang) like western career college who charges 40,000 something.. would it be safe for me to go to this school since its approved but not yet accredited... I mean its on the list of accredited schools but it has a star by it http://www.bvnpt.ca.gov/education/schools/vn_schools.shtml please give me your opinions!! thanks you!
  7. ICantWait!

    Dont know what to do! Help!?

    Hey Im soooo frustrated right now. I finally decided nursing is what I want to do but Im having a block! have two options.. go straight for the RN or get my LVN and bridge to RN later on.. problem is!!! I live in california and the RN waiting lists are two years PLUS (for a two year program + still have to do pre reqs) AND the LVN classes are ridiculously expensive!! arrgghh (BUT programs are generally 16 months) I dont know what to do! Im 20 years old and married. I wanted to have my first baby when Im 23 and at this rate if I do an RN program I wont be able to have kids until im 26! Im a extremely frustrated and I dont know what to do!! I asked my family and they dont know either! I think Im leaning towards doing an LVN but the price is such a turn off.. especially since I dont qualify for financial aid!! HELP!!
  8. ICantWait!

    Interview!! What to do?!?!?! help

    thanks so much..I just really feel like this is getting my foot in the door! Im just so excited I dont know what to do with myself. And now I can pay to go to school to get my RN:nurse:!! I called my mom and grandma..lol they were too happy for me! I have a "job preview" on wednesday..and they said they use this for people that still might be unsure of what the job entails..but I already know what will be expected of me and I just cant wait to prove myself..:heartbeat
  9. ICantWait!

    Interview!! What to do?!?!?! help

    Im wondering.. I know I should ask them...but they have a mandatory training for caregivers (50 hours) I was wondering if this is CNA training... they call it "university" heres the link... they said you have to show a skills demonstration at the end of the first 30 days so im wondering if thats what it is.. http://clientfiles.tmpwebeng.com/SunriseLearning/Sunrise_Learning_Framework_FINAL.pdf anyone familiar with Sunrise Assisted Living??
  10. ICantWait!

    Interview!! What to do?!?!?! help

    Thanks so much for your support! I actually did get the job!!! YAAYY!!!! Im so happy! I cant believe I got it!! and I think they train you to get your CNA as well.. Im not entirely sure but on their website it says I have to undergo 50 hours of training..so maybe thats what that is?? ANYWAYS!! Im SOOO excited!! only ONE problem!! My husband just got a job opportunity a hour away.. and I feel he may get it! but if he does ill probably just have to commute because CNA jobs are hard to come by out here in california
  11. ICantWait!

    CNA jobs in Bay Area

    I just went through the phone book and called every single nursing home! I finally got an interview and now Im waiting on the call back! *fingers crossed*
  12. ICantWait!

    Interview!! What to do?!?!?! help

    OK IM BACK!! I think my interview went great! I presented myself very well against the others i feel. Honestly I think I did better than everyone but there were two women who did have their CNA certificate that were there..and I feel like they are going to get hired by default (although they didnt speak up very much) But I got a chance to show my personality and tell them my accomplishments and skills.. and the great thing is at the end when the hiring manager was talking about what she was looking for in an applicant..she said all the qualities I said about myself!! I hope thats good.. oh and I also told them how I cared for my grandfather who had dementia and they said they have a whole dementia section and the want someone who has dealt with someone like that before(me?) :-) well.. I really really really really really am hoping that I got this job..it would be soooo PERFECT! they train you to get your CNA and everything! now the wait....
  13. ICantWait!

    Interview!! What to do?!?!?! help

    I dont know. I guess im kind of desperate..Ive been out of work for so long and Im trying to get into nursing.. I dont even have a CNA certificate...Im applying as a caregiver so im hoping to stand apart from the other CNA's\.. I spent an HOUR at there website last night getting all the info. on the type of person that they want and some history on the place.. I really hope I can get this! only a couple more hours!
  14. ICantWait!

    Interview!! What to do?!?!?! help

    Hey all I have a group interview at a local nursing home tomorrow! I already dont think Ill do well since Im not a CNA yet. I have done TONS of caregiving but it was for my family. My husband just lost one of his jobs and Im hoping this can help put me througha CNA course! Is there anything you guys think could help me stand out from the rest of the group? I know im not certified yet...do you think I should tell them Im willing to accept less pay?? I just REALLY need a job! please help! thank you
  15. ICantWait!

    Verge of homelessness! need support

    thanks for all of your support! it really helps! Im contacting all the nursing homes in the area to see if they are hiring nurse assistants...NO ONE is! ugh..looks like its back to moms house...
  16. Its funny you mention that..my husband has a very good job opportunity in the san joaquin valley where the housing is half! so god willing he will get that job out there!