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LVN or RN! grrr!! HELP!


Im going to be blunt here!!

I want a child!! lol Ive been married for two years and I have baby fever bad!!! I know Im young (20) but I feel I am ready! I'm taking a medical office assitant course now!!

anyways I want to be set in my career before having a child sooo I was thinking of taking the LVN route then bridging to RN..

my mom who is an RN(MSN) doesnt think I should do that.. she says go straight for the RN.. but that will be AT LEAST 3 years before I can get an ADN.. with the LVN I can get that in 14 months!! and just bridge later down the road..

I just want to have a family but also want to have a career..

can someone please give me some advice..

is it really THAT hard for LVN/LPN's to find work??

"is it really THAT hard for LVN/LPN's to find work??"

Many hospitals do not hire LPNs/LVNs. If there are layoffs the LPNs typically go first. You will find most of the LPN jobs are at SNFs and LTC facilities. Even then the push is to always hire more RNs since the more RNs the more Medicare pts they can have.

If you want to be a RN be a RN, it is hard to bridge over and rarely done.

Don't be so eager to have a child so young. Get you career really going so that you can buy all the things your baby deserves. ;)

If it were me, I would finish the RN first. The reason.....I am trying to go to school and have a son at home. It's hard....if you can go to school and get that past you, then you'll have more time to focus on a litlle one (and more money to spend on the little one). Trying to study with a three year old is a difficult task....keep it as easy as possible because we all know the nursing program isn't easy. Good luck with whatever you decide!

Thanks you guys.. your right I guess I just have a really bad case of baby fever...

I only need to get a few classes out the way before I can apply to a ADN program.. my problem is that I am so impatient! But I guess it will all be worth it to finnish school THEN have a baby