Military training, mostly med surg.

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amybaby2 specializes in Military training, mostly med surg..

I am working on getting my inactive license back to active and find a job in nursing!

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  1. SO, i am done...finished sept 1st. have my Md license active. i am sending pa paperwork today to get my pa license. i have decided to get my RN. i LOVE the ED, and that is my goal. so i am thinking of doing online courses to get my prereq's and then...
  2. well...i actually found a job before i finished the course...i am a "shift manager" at an assisted living facility. i am doing exactly what i will be doing when i finally get my license back in september. just will add a few more responsibilities and...
  3. I.V. Certification

    i found a iv course at a local hospital...try local teaching hospitals!
  4. sorry..i dont get on the computer much with working 2 jobs and going to school..but if you are still interested, it is at carroll community collge..we started last tuesday, the teachers are really nice..i am so excited! you should sign up i think the...
  5. Hi..i am starting a nurse refresher course in May and I will need a drug handbook...just wondering which you would suggest!? thanks for your help!
  6. I am starting a refresher course in May to renew my LPN license...what are the chances of gettig hired as a nursing assistant or tech, until my classes are over? dont you have to have a certificate to get those jobs?
  7. The Delivery

    Oh, these are only stories i could hope to experience...i want to be in l&d so bad...but i am a new nurse and will probably have to work ltc for a while before i can even step foot in a hospital!
  8. Where do you want to work once you're done

    anywhere..i just want a job!! hahahah. my dream job would be L&D or ER..but not being picky..will work LTC if i have too!
  9. Would I be crazy to apply for patient care tech job?

    Where do you live?
  10. well, we wont be husband makes pretty good money and my daughter is in private school and i dont want to move her. i guess i will just have to wait and see. i know i wont be working in a hospital..i dont mind ltc, i just want a job. ...
  11. Nclex pn march 6, 2009

    I AM GLAD i dont have to wait that would kill me! let us know how you did!
  12. 3 Question for the LPN

    well, this makes me feel better...i am scheduled to take my refresher course in may to get my inactive license back to active. with all the posts about having a hard time finding a job..this makes me feel like i will be able to find a job as an lpn. ...
  13. so, I finally signed up for the nurse refresher course to get my license back to active. I paid $750 and the classes start in May. Now I am seeing all these posts saying they cant find a job...I hope I am not putting all this time and money out and ...
  14. Does any one know a site for free NCLEX question

    wow..this is very helpful! thanks!
  15. Does NICU experience transfer to adult ICU?

    Have you thought about being upfront and honest with that manager and ask if you work in that department if a position becomes available in the ICU that you would be able to transfer to that unit? I am at the point right now i just want a job and wou...